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Swick was one of the Underlords working for The Emperor, but after the Emperor's defeat the first time, he chose switched sides and became a mole for the Shane Gang.


Swick is an annoying but good hearted slinger. After the Emperor's defeat, he became "unemployed" and decided that he wanted to become a good guy, but after a couple of failed attempts of doing good, he realized he could continue working as an Underlord and just sabotage the other Underlords instead.



  • He named his Thugglet, Beau.
  • He has been shown to be skilled with magic tricks, displayed in his debut episode.
  • He sometimes like to call others by the word "Nimrod", which means "idiot".
  • In Disney XD Asia, the scenes when Swick calls people "Nimrod" are cut out. this is the first time SlugTerra has been censored in any country.




  • Junjie & the Shane Gang (formerly)



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