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Speedstingers are red orange and gray shell, metal element Slugs that are used for trick shots and complicated moves. Strangly enough there are some shots that can't be done without a Speedstinger. The Speedstinger is most well known for being used by Mario Bravado.

A famous Speedstinger is Stunts, who belongs to Eli Shane.

Another Famous Speedstinger is Ricochet who belongs to Mario Bravado

A ghouled Speedstinger is called a Doomspiker


Speedstingers are similar in appearance to Armashelt, Crystalyd, Hop Rock, Grenuke and Gazzer Slugs.

There protoform consits of a small grey helmet and back with a white oval on their stomach and the rest is orange. When they Megamorph, they have small fins on each side of their heads.


They are able to make complex, improbable shots with their ability to ricochet against a surface and able to make any angled shot, even if the target is miles away or if you can't even see the target. A famous Speedstinger is Stunts who belongs to Eli Shane. Mario Bravado also uses a Speedstinger. Sometimes, they look more like bullets than Slugs when fired. Speedstingers have the ability to curl up into balls, this was shown when Mario Bravado used his Speedstinger to free Pronto and the other prisoners.


  • Protoform Abilities - Can curl up like a pinball and bounce around to hit a small target.
  • Trickoshey - Calculates angles to ricochet off walls and hit hard-to-reach targets - good against blocking moves.
  • Gatoreturn - Ricochets to hit many targets, comes back to the slugslinger to be fired again.
  • Kinetikick - When fired at an opponent will bounce off of anything around them, hitting them multiple times.
  • Slugmug - Takes down a fired slug with a multi-angle trick shot, hits opponent, grabs an item and returns.

Fusion Shots

  • Kenetic Streak - "Speedstinger" + "Hoverbug" - TBD. It hasn't officially appeared in the show yet.


Designed more like a ricocheting bullet, Speedstingers are common among trick shot slingers. While its arsenal seems offensive, Speedstingers are rarely seen in combat, with only elite slingers like Eli Shane using them. One common use seen is being used to hit the wrist of an opponent, causing them to drop any held item.



  • At velocity, a Speedstinger looks kind of like a silverfish.
  • Speedstingers are really good at stunts. Eli's speedstinger is different because it has goggles and it has orange highlights on its back.
  • One was seen being ghouled in Dark as Night. Neither it's ghouled protoform or its' velocimorph have been seen in the show.
  • A Speedstinger was actually in Dawn of the Slug seen shot by Milford.


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