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Slugterra: Slug Fu Showdown was the third Slugterra Movie that was released in February 10, 2015 in US on DVD/Blu-Ray by Shout! Factory and March 28, 2015 on Disney XD in Canada.


Eli has added some awesome new slugs to his arsenal: the ELEMENTALS. But the Elemental Slugs are ancient, extremely powerful, and temperamental, and Eli can't control them. Junjie, the newest member of the Shane Gang, has the solution: Eli must learn SLUG FU, the ancient form of slugslinging that Junjie mastered when he lived in the Eastern Caverns. Slug Fu is the art of guiding and controlling a slug in battle—a skill that only the greatest slugslingers can master.

But while Eli and Junjie train in isolation, separated from the Shane Gang and all of Eli's slugs, a mysterious new villain named Spirex unleashes an evil plan that will rock Slugterra to its core! All he needs to complete his plan are the Elemental Slugs! Luckily, they're safe with the Shane Gang...or they would be, if Pronto hadn't annoyed them so much that they ran away. As Kord, Trixie and Pronto struggle to keep the wily Elementals out of the wrong hands, Eli and Junjie engage in a showdown with Spirex before he can reduce the 99 caverns to rubble!


The movie starts with the Shane Gang heading to check out a distress call. Kord asks if it might be about the new villain they've been hearing about. They arrive at their destination, where everyone is running away screaming "TURTLE! TURTLE!" Pronto laughs and remarks that they'll just feed it a few pieces of lettuce. Then, there's a low growl and the smile fades from Pronto's face. Pronto turns to see a beast rising up in front of him. In fear, he points his blaster the wrong way and shakily says "We're going to need more lettuce..." The beast, a 50-foot turtle, roars at the Shane Gang and then the opening theme starts.

The giant turtle roars again. Kord is amazed at this "ton of turtle." They raise their blasters, but the turtle eats a flag. Eli notices and assumes it must be hungry. Eli suggests they scare it away from the town, and Pronto, "having it covered," shoots a Jellyish Slug at it. The slug bounces off Turtleton's shell and splatters Pronto, gluing him to the pavement. Junjie realizes that Turtleton's shell is too strong for their slugs. Turtleton then proceeds to move towards Pronto. Trixie remarks that Pronto will be Turtleton's next meal, to which Pronto screams. Eli and the others start trying to pull Pronto out of the Jellyish goo while Junjie distracts TUrtleton. Kord, while pulling, reminds Pronto that they talked about removing Jellyish Slugs from his arsenal, to which Pronto replies "Jellyish and Pronto must stick together!" Trixie replies with "That's the problem." Junjie's distraction begins to fail, so Eli, Trixie, and Kord start pulling harder. They pull so hard that Pronto comes right out of his pants and lands on top of Kord. Pronto notices his pants still stuck and starts to go for them, but Kord holds him back. Pronto tries to get him to let go by saying that they're his only pants. Turtleton begins to taste Pronto's pants. Kord covers Pronto's eyes, but Pronto moves his hand out of the way. Turtleton gobbles up Pronto's pants in one gulp. Pronto screams and begins sobbing. Eli promises they'll get him some new pants, but Pronto whines that he wants those back. Junjie says they should knock Turtleton onto his shell. Eli asks "With what?" and Trixie replies with the idea to use the Elementals. Eli opens his pack, and the Elementals jump out and start playing around. Doc is the only one that stays still as he's been with Eli the longest. Eli loads up the Earth Elemental and fires it at Turtleton. The Elemental knocks Turtleton onto his back, but then starts flying around randomly. Junjie tries to make a connection with his Slug Fu, but can't control it. Eli then stops it with an Arachnet Slug. Junjie is amazed at Eli's connection to Slugs, and tells him that he must learn Slug Fu to control the Elementals. Eli declines stating that controlling slugs isn't his style. Junjie replies that Eli must make it his "style". Kord reminds Junjie that Slug Fu didn't work on the Elemental, and Junjie tells him that with training and his connection, Eli might be able to do it. Trixie thinks it's a great idea, but wonders when they'll start looking for Will Shane. Then Kord responds that they should also check out the new villain they've been hearing about. Pronto also adds that he needs some new pants. Eli promises he'll learn Slug Fu after they find Will Shane, but Junjie tells him he'll need Slug Fu to find Will. Eli says the Elementals are not that hard to control, but changes his mind when the Fire Elemental destroys a billboard. Pronto immediately notices a fire sale on pants at a clothing shop and runs off. Eli asks when he starts his training, and Junjie says that they will start immediately. Pronto comes out the store modeling some new purple pants. Kord bets Trixie that Pronto will lose the new pants in three days, but Trixie bets he will lose them sooner.

After Turtleton is taken into custody, Eli is ready to go learn Slug Fu and asks the others to join in. Junjie stops them saying that only Eli can go. In addition, Eli must leave his slugs behind as well. Eli tells the others to go check out the new villain and also asks the Elementals to behave themselves. Pronto comes up with the idea to stick the Elementals to his MechaBeast's trailer with Jellyish goop. As he, Trixie, and Kord ride off, Pronto boasts about his idea, and his new pants. The Elementals all look unamused, except for Doc, who is all smiles. The goop does not hold for long, as the Fire Elemental melts it with ease. Pronto, not noticing his plan failed, continues boasting. That is, until the Water Elemental sprays him. The Fire Elemental burns Pronto's face, and the Water Elemental puts out the fire, leaving Pronto's face blackened. Kord and Trixie stop riding to laugh. Pronto tells them that he'll stop the Elementals with Slug Fu. Kord laughs at the thought of Pronto being able to do Slug Fu. He laughs even more when Trixie shows him a video of Pronto trying to do Slug Fu, only to fall on his face. Kord mocks Pronto, but Pronto starts trying to do Slug Fu anyway. The Elementals start laughing at this. Then the Fire Elemental squeezes the Jellyish Slug, spraying Pronto with goop once more. The Elementals then start swarming Pronto. Once they leave, Pronto thinks he has won. Then he realizes that his pants are gone. Pronto covers up his underwear in shame and watches as the Elementals (minus Doc) hop off with his pants. Pronto yells at them to come back, but just sits down and gives up. Kord then pays Trixie the money he had bet earlier. Trixie replies with "Well, let's go get 'em."

Meanwhile, Junjie is doing Tai Chi while Eli looks around. Eli asks if this is where he will learn Slug Fu. Junjie responds that they must find new slugs first. He then uses Slug Fu to bring a Slicksilver out of the ground. Junjie tells Eli to try it. Eli calls down the hole for a slug to come out. Junjie scoffs at his attempt, until a Diggrix hops out. Junjie is amazed at what he has just seen. He points out Eli's special bond with slugs. Suddenly, Burpy jumps out Eli's pack, revealing he has stowed away.

In Quiet Lawn Cavern, the Hooligang is taking over. Sally, a little girl who has only an elderly Flopper, tries to stop them, but her Flopper ends up getting stuck in the blaster. The Hooligang laughs at her attempt. But thanks to the recoil, Sally ends up right next to the Elementals. She asks for their help and they agree.

At the same time, Kord is tracking the Elementals with a scanner modded to his blaster. Trixie jokingly asks Pronto if he's "feelin' the breeze." Pronto, annoyed, replies with "A little." Kord tells Pronto that he's lucky he brought his scanner along. Pronto, still annoyed, asks him if he can program it to find him some pants.

Back in Quiet Lawn Cavern, the Hooligang is ransacking the place, but not finding anything of value. Billy even tosses a pair of pink plaid pants up onto a pole. Just then, Sally shows up with the Elementals on her shoulders. Billy tells her to give him the slugs, and she replies "You asked for it!" She blasts the Fire Elemental, which immediately starts chasing after Billy. Sally then fires the other Elementals at the Hooligang.

The battle is picked up by Kord's scanner. They ride into Quiet Lawn to see the Hooligang running away. Billy tells them they have no chance against her. Glasses just remarks at Pronto's lack of pants by saying "Nice legs, mole!" Pronto, unamused, replies "Thaaanks..." The Hooligang runs away as fast as they can. Kord tells Trixie and Pronto to prepare for the worst. They ride in to find Sally with only her Flopper. Sally tells them not to worry because they handled it. Trixie laughs saying "The Hooligang must be losing their touch!"







Slug Fu Showdown aired Febuary 15, 2015 on Disney XD France. It also airs Slug Fu Showdown airs on K2 in Italy. It aired on Disney XD in Canada March 28 at 7:00 pm.


The film was to be released in DVD in Digital Blu-ray by Shout! Factory in US February 10, 2015.


  • This movie marks the last story of Season Two.
  • This episode also mark the first official appearance of the Terrarix ghoul's unghouled counterpart, the Diggrix slug.
  • Pronto apparently only owns one pair of pants, which Turtleton eats at the beginning of the movie despite in Keys to the Kingdom Pronto's Pants were sawed off by Sedo using a Thresher slug.
  • Junjie's Infurnus Joo-Joo doesn't appear.


  • In Disney XD Asia, the scenes in which Kord and Trixie make a bet, and when Kord loses the bet, are cut out due to bad influences to the young viewers.


  • Trixie asks Eli when they will find his father Will Shane after he has sacrificed himself to save Eli and the Elementals in the end of the previous movie "Slugterra: Return of the Elementals".
  • The Hooligang returns after a long absence since "Snowdance".
  • Locke and Lode, and Blakk Guards (now called Spiderlings) returns after Dr. Blakk's defeat in "Light as Day".
  • Sedo returns after being chosen as Pronto's proxy in "Keys to the Kingdom".
  • The Ogre that appears in "Slugterra: Ghoul from Beyond" reappears in The Scrap Heap.


  • In one scene Pronto has his old pants.

Cultural References

  • The episode reveals that even SlugTerra (The 99 Caverns) has its own share of media avaliable, like Cavern Confidential and Late Night with Max Jackson, a reference to late-night talk shows.



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