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Slugterra: Eastern Caverns is the fourth film in the series and premiered on August 15th, 2015 in Canadian cinemas.



The time has come for Eli and the Shane Gang to accompany their new friend Junjie home to the strange and beautiful Eastern Caverns. But when they arrive, they are shocked to find a world darker and more dangerous than Junjie remembers. The sinister Emperor's henchmen have pillaged every cavern of its slugs, and without the slugs' energy, the Eastern Caverns have fallen into ruins. The stolen slugs are locked away in the heart of the Emperor's evil dominion—the imperial palace. Hordes of enemies stand between the Shane Gang and the slugs, from the mindless stone warriors to the Emperor's legions of underlords to the most dangerous of all—the Dai-Fu, a fearsome slugslinger and master of Slug Fu. But Junjie is determined to rescue the slugs, save his homeland and redeem the legacy he left behind while under the Emperor's control as the Dark Slinger—and with Eli and the gang at his side, he won’t have to do it alone.

The Journey to the Eastern Caverns (Part 1)

Eli and the Gang find a way to take Junjie back home to the Eastern Caverns and discover trouble waiting for them when they arrive.

  • Airdate: January 17th 2016

The Great Slug Robbery (Part 2)

Upon returning to the Outlaws’ jungle camp, the Shane Gang suffer a sneak attack from the Emperor’s Underlord Holt, who steals almost all of their slugs and loads them onto the Dragon Train for transport to the Emperor. With precious few slugs to use as ammo, the Shane Gang must be extra resourceful to get them back.

  • Airdate: January 24th 2016

The Tournament of the Underlords (Part 3)

In order to reach the Emperor of the Eastern Caverns, Eli and Junjie pose as Underlords to enter the Tournament of Underlords. But when Holt turns up to expose the Shane Gang, it's up to Pronto to stop him.

  • Airdate: January 31th 2016

The Emperor (Part 4)

In a climactic battle, Junjie and Eli confront the Emperor and the Dai-Fu as the fate of the entire Eastern Caverns hangs in the balance!

  • Airdate: February 7th 2016


The Journey to the Eastern Caverns

At what looks to be a mining operation of some sort, Welder Walter, his "co-workers" and the King Of Sling walk towards a hidden cave that had just been discovered, while Walter tells King about the problems they've found, including a mysterious ancient artifact of unknown origin. But once they enter the cave, the Shadow Clan start showing up and immediately a battle erupts but eventually King convinces his men to stop and wait for the Shane Gang.

When the Gang arrives, Eli finds the Shadow Clan waiting so he goes to grab his Shadow Talker, while The Elementals jump out of his backpack and begin to glow for a second, which surprises both Eli and the Clan. The Clan Leader then tells Eli that they

Trailer - Slugterra's Realm Gate & the Shadow Clan.png

haven't seen the Elementals in a thousand years and that, Eli having all five could signify the beginning of a new era. Junjie and Eli then both notice symbols that they recognize (The Eastern Caverns and The Sun) and the Leader tells them that they don't recognize the artifact but that it could be an ancient gateway to great distances away, that was used a thousand years ago but was long forgotten, until the Elementals were reunited.

Kord then tells Eli that they could use it to find his dad, but Eli reminds them that they don't know where he is and that they made a promise to get Junjie home, however he also tells the Clan that he can't leave until he's assured that the 99 Caverns will be protected during his absence. The Leader replies by saying that the Clan is only responsible for the safety of slugs, but Eli reminds them of it being "a new era" and gets them to accept his wish, he then goes on to request them to work with the King and the King accepted while the Leader looked upset after the King called him "Bubba".

Episode1JourneytotheEasternCaverns1 thumb.jpg

The Leader begins to speak in Shadow Clan and the symbols begin to glow, and the platform starts rotating until the Eastern Caverns symbol is located at the top/center of the platform and directly below the symbol of the 99 caverns, which then opens a portal. Once through the portal, Gang lands in Serenity Cavern and are immediately attacked by the jungle and then by The Outlaws, who continuously call the Gang, "Slug Thieves" and servants of The Emperor due to them having a huge arsenal. Once the Gang gets the upper hand, the fight stops and the Gang tries to convince them of their heroism but are ignored, so Junjie steps forward and tells them that he's the "Protector of the Eastern Caverns", but they reply by calling him a liar and that he's "Junjie the Betrayer" & "Junjie the Dark Slinger". Then two Stone Warriors show up and the Outlaws assume they're the Gang's allies, so they run into the bushes while the Gang begins to fight the Stone Warriors.

After the long battle and witnessing Junjie's Slug Fu, the Cave Troll was surprised to see Junjie as a hero, and decides he to give the Gang "Vinedrill blossoms" and allows them to come to their camp.


Once there, Junjie tells the Outlaws that he's surprised to see how much damage had been caused in the short period of time of his defeat, that's when Hamengku replies by saying that all this damage hadn't been caused during a short period, but 20 Years! The news shocks the entire Gang, as Junjie walks towards the edge of the camp only to look at the distant caverns in horror, as they're being plagued with natural disasters, and is told that he's the one responsible for all of it.

The Great Slug Robbery

Screenshot (131).png

Junjie looks on in disbelief, as he has no memory of the events that transpired, as Hamengku continues to him that he was the Dark Slinger for 20 years and is the one responsible for the chaos in their caverns.

Meanwhile their slugs are relaxing around a camp fire, not knowing that they're being watched by Underlord Holt & his Stone Warriors, who fires a Tormato and then an Arachnet


at them. Burpy manages to burn himself lose and frees a few of the other slugs, but the Elementals are taken away and eventually Burpy is recaptured. Holt's assault eventually leads to the group, where Hamengku confronts Holt about the damage they've already caused, but Holt replies by saying that he wants all their slugs, and leaves after their jobs is done. In anger, Hamengku pushes Junjie down, blaming him for everything that's happened. Junjie gets back up and apologizes, and tells him that he remembers what happened and them once being "brothers at arms", and he promises that he would return their slugs, which leaves Hamengku walking away in anger. Eventually some of their slugs that managed to escape show up and Eli's happy to see them, but Pronto asks how they can defeat then enemy with only their weak & less powerful slugs, that's when Eli notices Stunts and asks him if he's "ready for a lot of action".

The Shane Gang's search leads them to one of Holt's stations, where it's discovered that the

Screenshot (132).png

slug are being taken to The Emperor in Peach Blossom Spring Cavern, so they get aboard the train. Meanwhile in the train, Burpy manages to escape again and begins freeing all the captured slugs and cause a huge panic amongst Holt and his goons, which then results in a Stone Warrior getting involved, but instead cracks a hole in train floor which gives the slugs an exit. Meanwhile the Shane Gang break into the train and start a battle, but they quickly realizes that their slugs already got off the train.

Back at the camp, the depressed Outlaws are about the be attacked by the jungle but the vines let them go, when Burpy and the others jump out from the bushes, which surprises Hamengku and

Trailer - Stone Warrior Vs Kord.jpg

the group. Hamengku then tells the others that Junjie kept his word and so maybe they should trust him, however a few of them


disagree. Then back at the battle on the train, the Gang struggles to take control of the situation with mainly relying on Stunts only, but it gives Hamengku and another Outlaw enough time to arrive and return the Gang's slugs to them. That gives the Gang the upper hand, but before that, while on the roof of the train and now crossing a bridge, Junjie fires Stunts for one last time at a Stone Warrior, which turns him into a megamorph, but as the Stone Warrior falls off the train, it accidently fires a few ghouls and breaks the bridge but Eli and Junjie quickly find a solution that problem and they all enter the train and confront Holt.

Junjie then notices Holt wearing a Wrist Blaster, and tells him "You dishonor tradition, only a Slug Fu Master may wear a wrist blaster" and one of Holt's goons mentions that "he stole it." With Holt's plans to transport the stolen slugs to the Emperor foiled, and his plan to bring a Slug Fu master instead to make up for that lose, also foiled, the Gang locks them up in one of their own ceils. Somehow Eli then has Holt's wrist blaster and asks Junjie what they should do with it, and Junjie tells Eli to keep it cause he ready has his own and soon Eli will be ready for one. The Gang then decides that they'll seek attack the Emperor's fortress since he'll be expecting Holt and not them.

The Tournament of the Underlords

As the train leads them to Peach Blossom Spring Cavern, Junjie recognizes the land as they get closer and closer to his former home.

Trailer - Going to Eastern Caverns.jpg

And once the train enters the cavern, Trixie asks why this cavern looks peaceful while the others don't, and Eli tells them that this cavern has plenty of Slug Energy. Holt then interrupts their conversation, and tells them that there's hundreds of Underlords waiting at the bottom and that they'd be expecting him, but he also unintentionally reveals that none of them have actually met him yet, which then results in Eli mocking his accent and acting as Holt. But Trixie then states that they can't have the former Dark Slinger and the only Molenoid in the Eastern Caverns walking around, so Junjie puts on a mask and Pronto disguises himself as a "human" female.

Trailer - The Imperial Palace.jpg

At the bottom, there's a gathering of Underlords and Eli asks one of them to take him to the Emperor, who then tells him that "you must be Holt" and that he and the other Underlords planned on taking his wrist blaster after he lost it in the Tournament, then another underlord greets "Jonny boy", and is told that "Holt" (Eli) wants meet with the Emperor and begin laughing, they then tell "Holt" that the only way into the palace is to enter the Tournament but then they mention "The Dai-Fu" in a saddening look, which then makes the Gang ask the question "What's a Dai-Fu?". Then standing in the palace the Dai-Fu walks up and Eli asks Junjie if he recognizes her, but he says he doesn't and that she wasn't with the Emperor the last time they faced off. She then starts talking about the rules of the tournament and after several duels, Junjie and Pronto are seen resting but they pick up the scent of the food the Underlords are eating and Junjie tells him that they're eating the best food while their caverns starve, which enrages Pronto in jealously and goes to the buffet. Moments later Underlord Holt is seen escaping from the ceil on the train and goes to the buffet as well. Once there he begins revealing that he's the real Holt and that the person in the tournament is an impostor and that Pronto is just in disguise, but Pronto convinces the Underlords into thinking that Eli is Underlord Holt (because of the wrist blaster) and that he was wearing the "disguise" as a punishment for jaywalking, and convinces them into thinking that the this impostor is just an Underlord hater, who's eating Underlord food and should be thrown out of the cavern, which they do.

Back at the tournament, Eli and Junjie make it to the semifinals and then the finals, and the Dai-Fu announces them as the finalists and that as customs they would fight each other inside the palace for the Emperor, but she then states that she makes the customs and so they would have to duel "right here and now" outside the palace. Meanwhile back with Pronto, Pronto realizes that Junjie and Eli are dueling each other which wasn't apart of their plan, so he figures that he needs to save the day, so he confronts one of the Stone Warriors to demand that he be let into the palace, but the Dai-Fu shows up and tells him that the Stone Warriors only take orders from the Emperor and herself, and then instructs the Stone Warrior to take him into the palace, which Pronto then realizes is what he was asking for.

Slugterra-Eastern-Caverns-still The-Dai-Fu1.jpg

After a long "fake" duel, Junjie and Eli shoot Frostcrawlers at one other and Eli calls for a tie, but the Dai-Fu runs off the building and shoots Greneaters at them and tells them "if you won't face each other, then you'll have to face me", then after coming to his senses Junjie realizes that she is using the weapon of "Slug Fu Master Lian", and asks what they have done to his teacher, at which point the Dai-Fu takes off her mask and says "I am Master Lian", which shocks Eli and Junjie.

The Emperor

Now that their cover was blow, Eli fires the Fire Elemental at the Dai-Fu who fires a Greneater but is defeated, and then realizes it be an Elemental and moves out of the way, then says "You dare fire at me". Eli and Junjie prepare for a battle, but Trixie gets their attention and they realize that they're surrounded by the Underlords and are taken into the palace.

Junjie asks Lian "What happened to you my teacher, how could you serve the Emperor" but she replies by saying "I could ask the same of you", which leaves him wide-eyed. When they reach the throne room, the Dai-Fu introduces the Emperor who is excepting them, and welcomes the Dark Slinger's return and his friends, then when Junjie is about to talk about the 20 year old defeat, the Emperor stops him and brings Pronto into the room, who the gang had forgotten about in all the excitement, and the Emperor tells them that he finds him amusing which is why he isn't dead. At which point Junjie informs Pronto, that the Emperor isn't his friend... "What whoa whoa, want this guy is the Emperor?" and backs himself to a stone warrior. While the Emperor is then shown the Elemental slugs, as Junjie begins to introduce himself - "I am Junjie, the Eastern Champion, returned to reclaim these caverns from...", but is interrupted by the Emperor again, who tells them he's got bad news and tells them that the Stone Warriors are dimwitted and slow, and that he's been searching for something better,


so he created the Dai-Fu, which enrages Junjie-who says he'll find a way to save her, which causes the Dai-Fu to say he won't and fires a Amperling at him. And the Emperor begins telling them that he transformed the beloved Slug Fu Master in the Dai-Fu using a Cryptogrif, which shocks the gang because it's impossible, however the Emperor goes on to explain that he enhanced it using magic and added some extra slug energy to fuel the effect, but if he was going to repeat the process he needed more, so he sent Junjie and "The Goon Doc" out to conquer caverns and take their slugs and that's why his Underlords have also collected every slug they could find. Junjie then assumes that the Emperor wants to create other "Dark Slinger" like the Dai-Fu, but the Emperor tells him that he wants to turn everyone into "Dark Servants", and thanks Junjie, because even after 20 years, he still didn't have enough slugs, but draining the Elementals will finally be enough, and for that he thanks him and leaves.

Pronto gets an idea for escaping and starts taunting the Dai-Fu, she warns him to shut up or she'll hit him with a Neurotox but Pronto continues to talk and tells her that she can't do that cause the Emperor finds him amusing, so he suggests shooting a Grimmstone instead, which she does and pushes him back towards a stone warrior holding his blaster, and then fires Stinky at her, and the gang manages to get their blasters back, but the Dai-Fu disappears. So Eli and Junjie go after the Emperor, while the others fight off the stone warriors, however as Eli and Junjie track down the Emperor,

Negablade Vs.png

the Dai-Fu gets in their way and they begin dueling (only Slug Fu can beat Slug Fu) but the Dai-Fu's skills out match them. So Junjie tells Eli, he needs him but Eli doesn't believe he can help, but Junjie tells him to trust his "chi", while the Dai-Fu laughs when they mention it and tells them she used to believe in chi until the Emperor showed her a better way, "Dark Slug Fu". She then goes on to say that she thought Junjie would present more of a challenge and that she could easily destroy him, but the Emperor wants to free him from the burden of,


"pure heart" and "moral purpose", the things the chi demands, and that's when Eli realizes that chi is the same thing as the slugslinger code and shoots Burpy at her using his wrist blaster and Junjie traps her with an Arachnet and tells her that "even now you find a way to teach and I know that your pure heart is still inside you, somewhere".

Slug Energy.png

They then continue their search for the Emperor, which leads them to the rooftop, where he's

Slug Energy(1).png

draining all the captured slugs of their energy and forms a giant ball of energy. Junjie confronts the Emperor about the last the faced off, but now he has the best slugslinger he's ever met by his side (Eli), and that "today, together, we shall win" and they begin to battle, but the Dai-Fu quickly joins in.

Slug Energy(2).png

Meanwhile, back with there rest of the gang, they knew they'd one today be defending the

The Emperor perparing the Energy.png

caverns but they just thought it would be their caverns. But back at the rooftop, the long battle

Magical Energy Shield(1).png

nearly comes to an end as the Emperor's ball of slug energy is soon ready for the final process

Magical Energy Shield(3).png

and shoots his Cryptogrif into it, which corrupts the energy and then explodes and spreads

The Emperor's Cryptogrif.png

across the land, transforming everyone (except for the Dai-Fu & the Emperor) into

The Final Result.png

"Dark Servants", but Eli and Junjie struggle to keep themselves from turning and continue to

The Final Result(2).png

fight, but they're too weak and get knocked down. So thinking that the Dai-Fu could quiet them

The Final Result(3).png

, the Emperor stops playing attention, however still struggling to fight, Eli shoots


Burpy to free the Elementals and the Dai-Fu shoots a Amperling, and they both do Slug Fu


, but in pain Eli then gains an ability that allowed him to see and feel what Burpy was doing

Burpy vision.png

and knocks down the Dai-Fu and circles around and releases the Elementals. After

Burpy vision - I Can See.png

releasing them, the energy starts imploding on itself and falls right on top of the Emperor,

The Emperor's plans backfire.png

causing everyone that was being corrupted to go back to normal, then in anger the Dai-Fu goes after Eli but is quickly knocked down again, while the Emperor struggles to get back up, and asks help the "Dark Slinger" (Junjie) who declines, and then starts turning into a statue, but before the Emperor completely turned into a statue, he tries to persuade him by saying that him he's the only one who can save his teacher, but Junjie still declines as his teacher would have wanted him defeat the Emperor.

The Emperor completely statue-fied.png

Afterwards, the Dai-Fu gets up for one last time, as Junjie then insists they help her, but she refuses and tells Junjie he'll suffer for what he did and vanishes away, but Junjie quietly says he already suffers.

Emperor statue & sword (closed).png

Afterwards, the Shane Gang regroups and Kord asks about what they do now, and Junjie tells them that even though the Emperor is no longer ruling the caverns there's still a lot to do, like dealing with the Underlords and the Dai-Fu, and they run off on their mechas.









  • This movie marks the first four episodes of Season Three.
  • Did you know: "Slugterra: Eastern Caverns" is short for "Slugterra: The Journey to the Eastern Caverns"
  • As seen in the trailer, Pronto no longer has his new pink pants from Slug Fu Showdown. He is back to his green pair.
  • In this episode, Stunts mega morphs although he already was a mega morph in Slugterra: Return of the Elementals.

Opening Theme Song

The Slugterra: Eastern Caverns DVD contains a new opening theme song for the movie. The new opening is around 1 minute and 24 seconds long, which is almost 3 times longer than the original theme song. The opening sequence is remarkably different from the original opening, including the new opening that is first used in "Slugterra: Ghoul from Beyond". This opening theme song is never shown on TV and the opening in Slugterra: Ghoul from Beyond is used instead.


  • Junjie is added into this opening as part of the Shane Gang.
  • The names of the people who work in the movie are shown.
  • The beginning of the opening theme song shows the Shane Gang and their favourite slugs on their shoulders, standing in front of the opening garage door in the Shane Hideout.
  • The title of the movie is shown with a black and blue background.
  • After the title of the movie is shown, the Shane Gang is seen walking out of the garage in slow motion.
  • The Mecha Beasts are shown to be activated, showing that the Shane Gang are ready for action.
  • The scene when Eli wears his gloves is taken from "The World Beneath Our Feet Part 1".
  • The faces of the five members of the Shane Gang are shown in close ups when the theme song begins to play.
  • The word "Slugterra" is only yelled once instead of three in the original opening (in some versions, there is no "Slugterra" yell).
  • The five members of the Shane Gang are introduced with slugslinging scenes from "Upgrade" (for Eli and Trixie), "Bandoleer of Brothers" (for Kord and Pronto), and "Slugterra: Slug Fu Showdown" (for Junjie) accompanied with the names of their voice actors.
    • Though, Pronto's voice actor, Lee Tockar is misspelled as "Lee Tokar" in the opening theme song.
  • The scene when Eli shoots Burpy is taken from the original opening, and Burpy is not a Megamorph.
  • The Enforcer Cyclone HTQ, the Twin Sparkwing SF Pro with Joo-Joo inside, and Sharpslinger Lightningbolt XD are shown to be activated and in an angle, accompanied with a black and blue background.
  • Eli loads his blaster with his Polero, Bolo when the Shane Gang are seen riding on their mecha beasts in slow motion.
  • A bandolier with the Shane symbol (possibly Eli's) that consists of Joules, Spinner and Burpy is shown in close up and accompanied with a black and blue background.
  • The scenes of the Shane Gang riding on their mecha beasts are shown in different angles and speeds (slow-mo and normal).
  • The end of the opening shows the Shane Gang riding into a dark cavern with a few glowing plants and crystals (the mining operation in Gateway Cavern as shown in the prologue, hinting that they have received a distress call from The King of Sling). Everything goes black as they go deeper into the tunnel.


  • Disney XD Asia cuts out every scene that Swick says "Nimrod", including the scene when Eli trash talks at Kord when he does not know how the Tournament of the Underlords works.


  • Kord suggests that Eli can use The Gateways to find his father Will Shane since they have asked Eli about when they will find his father in the previous movie "Slugterra: Slug Fu Showdown".
  • Pronto barfs again after a dizzy ride to The Eastern Caverns, similar to "Slugterra: Return of the Elementals", but this time he barfs twice.
  • Junjie as The Dark Slinger makes an appearance since "Slugterra: Ghoul from Beyond" in a flashback but with a new design.
  • Junjie's master, Lian makes her first appearance as The Dai-Fu after being mentioned by Junjie in "Slugterra: Slug Fu Showdown".
  • The scene when Junjie dodges the Dai-Fu's Grimmstone and lands onto a lantern has a similar animation to Eli dodging Dr. Blakk's Grimmstone in "The Gentleman and the Thief".


  • Pronto's voice actor, Lee Tockar is misspelled as "Lee Tokar" in the opening theme song.
  • In The Great Slug Robbery, Glimmer was seen as a megamorph in some scenes but was not seen as a megamorph in other scenes.
  • In The Tournament Of The Underlords, Junjie loads a Hop Rock but then fires out Joo-Joo.



The movie premiered in Canadian Cinemas August 15, 2015.


The movie aired on Family CHRGD in January 2016.



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Season 4 "Slugterra: Into the Shadows"
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Season 2 "Burpy and Friends Take a Dive" · "Noodle Strikes Back!" · "Bad Housekeeping" · "Box Party" · "Spooker!" · "Nothin' But a Slughound" · "Slug Selfies" · "Fly, Fly Again" · "Chow Time" · "Bee Cool, Dude" · "Wake Up Time" · "Hiccup!" · "BOO!" · "Smile!" · "Slug Sandwich" · "Snooze or Lose" · "Pass the Gas"
Season 3 "Joo-Joo in: Food Fight!" · "The Good, The Bad, and The Larry" · "Goober's Blowback" · "KYS: Armashelt (EXTREME)" · "KYS: Tazerlings (EXTREME) - Part 1" · "KYS: Tazerlings (EXTREME) - Part 2" · "Slug Fu & You!" · "Let Sleeping Prontos Lie" · "Larry, Stinky & Mo" · "Washed Up!" · "Picnic Problems!" · "Spitting Image!" · "Rookie In: Somebody's Watching Me" · "Be a Fan of the Fandango!" · "Megamorphs, Guardians, and Elementals!"
Season 4 "Slugs and Spares!" · "Photo Finished!" · "Slug Rally 5000!" · "Comin’ Achoo!" · "Trick or Cheat!" · "Slug Cappella!" · "Swashbuckling Slugs!"  · "Flopper Party!" · "On Thin Ice!"
Season 4 "SOTS: Joules Vs. Bludgeon Battle"