Vital statistics
Participants The Eastern Caverns
Date Slug Day
Location The Eastern Caverns

"Slugmas" (or Slug Day) is a winter-time holiday in the Eastern Caverns based around the mysterious “Giver,” who makes an annual visit delivering slugs to the people of the East.



According to the residents of the Eastern Caverns, Slug Day is a annual holiday that mysteriously started several years ago after the Emperor took over, and a mysterious being they came to label "The Giver" started handing out slugs once a year to maintain the balance of Slug Energy across the caverns as the slugs were stolen by the Underlords for the Emperor.


However after a 20 year absence as the Eastern Champion, Junjie and his friends would discover the annual event was actually created by the last remaining Shadow Clanner of the Eastern Caverns, who sought to continue to help keep the caverns in balance.

However after dicovering the Eastern Champion had returned, the Clanner decided to relinquish those responibilities and leave the Eastern Caverns, however upon much persistence, the Shane Gang would eventually get the Clanner to continue the tradition.


  • The event first began 20 years ago, just after Junjie became the Dark Slinger.
  • There are many references and spoofs of Christmas:
    • "Slugmas" is a spoof of "Christmas", a term Eli unintentionally created.
    • Symothy tells Pronto that the toast he made is for "The Giver", which is a reference to the kids leaving cookies and milk for Santa Claus at the night before Christmas.
    • The name "Shadow Claus" given by Eli for "The Giver", is a spoof of "Santa Claus", a legendary old man who leaves presents for the children under Christmas trees or on doorsteps during the night before Christmas.
    • Eli's Mecha Beast being turned into a sleigh and the Hoverbugs as reindeers is a spoof of Santa's sleigh that is pulled by reindeers to the sky as a form of transportation to deliver gifts.
    • Eli also talks about caroling, which is one of Christmas activities, in which he proceeds to hum, causing Pronto's shock due to his off-key humming.


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