Slugball is the twenty-eighth episode of Slugterra. It premiered in US on July 3, 2013.


The Shane Gang find themselves competing in the Slugball Championship—a rough and tumble cross between hockey, slugslinging and rugby—with deadly random obstacles thrown in for fun! Eli suspects the rival team is cheating, but he's going to have to prove it first...that is if he can survive the game!


After the beast forge incident Grendel and the other trolls take up slugball, but gets injured. Kord takes over for him but after the semi final match, the entire team is injured. This leads to the entire gang taking their places, but Eli suspects that the enemy team is cheating. During the last round he sees Primo Presto hacking the traps. This causes him to leave, causing another member, Thrasher, to leave to and chase down Presto. After winning Kord gives the trophy to the other trolls, while Primo is captured by Blakk, because the sabotage to make Thrasher's team win would throw on the scientist the fault of it.







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