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Using Slug Fu to control Slugs at Velocity

Slug Fu is a mysterious slugslinging technique used to guide and control slugs in battle—a skill only the greatest Slugslingers can master.

About the Skill


Slug Fu is used to synchronize a slinger & their slug or ghoul, and allows them to guide the slug in various directions and even stop the slug in their tracks.


While Slug Fu is mainly used to control slugs in battles, it's also used to find, locate and describe slugs.


Mastering Slug Fu

In order to master Slug Fu, slingers need to first master their "Chi", having "pure heart" and "strong moral purpose", in other words follow the "Slugslinger's Code". And once they've mastered the art they can choose to wear their own Wrist Blaster(s).

Dark Slug Fu

Not much is known about "Dark" Slug Fu, but it's believed to follow the opposite principles of normal Slug Fu; possibly "heartlessness" & "moral corruption".

Tech Fu

Tech Fu is something that can't really be categorized as traditional Slug Fu, however Tech Fu was desgined to mimic the Slug Fu technique with tech and without the need for Slug Fu training, thus making it the easiest technique to master. As stated by Kord, Tech Fu helps to provide a path for slugs to travel, which mimics the basics of Slug Fu.


Slug Fu is a mysterious art form of slugslinging that Junjie and his ancestors have been mastering for centuries to protect their home, The Eastern Caverns. However Slug Fu could not have been possible if it wasn't for Yang, who is believed to be the founder of the technique and possibly slugslinging in the Eastern Caverns as well.

The technique was discovered over 2000 years ago by Yang, when he decided to use his slugs and his skills as an archer and martial artist to create something that would help him keep order in the caverns.

Known Users

  • Junjie (Slug Fu Master)
  • Eli Shane (Slug Fu Master)
  • The Emperor ("Dark" Slug Fu Master)
  • Dai-Fu (aka Lian) ("Dark" Slug Fu Master (Formerly), Slug Fu Master)
  • Junjie's Ancestors (Slug Fu Masters)

Trivia/Notable Events

  • It's possible that the Unbeatable Master, Shanai, knows Slug Fu.
  • The Dai-Fu (formerly known as Master Lian) was Junjie's Slug Fu teacher.
  • Junjie's ancestors have been using Slug Fu for centuries.

Slugterra: Return of the Elementals

Slugterra: Slug Fu Showdown

  • Junjie tried to use Slug Fu on the Earth Elemental but it did not work.
  • Junjie said that Slug Fu doesn't work on the Elementals but thought if Eli learned Slug Fu he might be able to control them.
  • Junjie used Slug Fu to "listen" to the Slug under the ground.
  • Junjie used Slug Fu to bring out a Slicksilver (Yin) from the ground.
  • Junjie asked Eli to use only his new slugs (MaggsRex & Joker) for training.
  • Junjie used Slug Fu on Yin to demonstrate Slug Fu to Eli.
  • Eli tried to mimic Junjie's Slug Fu using Maggs but was unsuccessful.
  • Junjie used a Thresher to chop off the spiky rocks on top of a cave to fall onto the spiders.
  • Junjie tried to use a Gazzer to defeat a Spiderling but was backfired by a Tormato.
  • Junjie used a Rammstone to defeat two of the Spiderlings.
  • Eli used Slug Fu on Maggs to carry a Spiderling but lost focus and was unsuccessful.
  • Eli used Slug Fu on Burpy to try to stop the Earth Elemental but was defeated.
  • Eli stopped the Earth Elemental for a brief second.
  • Eli turned the Elementals around using Slug Fu.

Slugterra: Eastern Caverns

  • Junjie used a Vinedrill to defeat a Tempesto and a Stone Warrior.
  • Eli tried to use Burpy to defeat a Grimmstone and a Stone Warrior but lost focus and Burpy was defeated.
  • Eli used Slug Fu on Stunts to defeat a Stone Warrior but was unable to stop Stunts from heading his direction.
  • Eli and Junjie decided not to use Slug Fu during the Tournament of the Underlords.
  • Junjie secretly used Slug Fu on a Vinedrill to defeat Underlord Sleade.
  • Eli controlled the Fire Elemental to defeat a Greneater and a Stone Warrior before coming back to him.
  • The Dai-Fu used Slug Fu on her Greneater but was defeated by the Fire Elemental.
  • Both Junjie and Eli used an Armashelt and a Hop Rock against the Dai Fu's Negablade.
  • The Dai-Fu used a Negablade against Eli's Hop Rock and Junjie's Armashelt and successfully defeated them.
  • Junjie used a Grenuke while the Dai-Fu used a Grimmstone to duel.
  • Eli controlled Burpy to surround the Dai-Fu before Junjie used his Arachnet to wrap her up.
  • Eli used his Blastipede, Rookie while the Dai-Fu used a Harmashelt to duel.
  • Junjie used a Rammstone while The Emperor used an Amperling to duel.
  • Eli unlocks 'shared sight' when using Burpy to defeat the Dai-Fu's Amperling and knock her out cold, then release the Elemental Slugs.

Get Pronto

  • Eli and Junjie used a Lariat and an Arachnet to defeat Yarry and a thief.

Stuff of Legend

  • Eli and Junjie competed with each other in a trick-shot contest using Slug Fu and a Speedstinger to see who's better.
  • Junjie used a Frostcrawler to trap the Pyritor's feet.
  • Eli used his Arachnet, Spinner to tie the Pyritor's legs and make him fall.
  • Eli used Slug Fu on Burpy and Bludgeon's fusion combo to try knocking the Pyritor down.
  • Eli and Junjie did a double Slug Fu move using Burpy & Joo-Joo and a double Flamespire move on the Pyritor.

Eastern Tech

  • Eli used Stunts to defeat Jonny Man's Attacknet.
  • Junjie used his Armashelt to block a passage to prevent Jonny Man from escaping.
  • Eli used Burpy to destroy some Stone Warriors and block a path with firewall.
  • Kord and Drucilla created a Tech Fu Controller and used it on a Thresher, a Rammstone and Stunts to defeat Stone Warriors and Jonny Man.

Slug Day

The Fall of the Eastern Champion

  • Yang combined slugs, his archery and martial arts skills to create Slug Fu.
  • Yang used Joo-Joo against thugs and the Emperor.
  • Yang used a Rammstone to defeat the Emperor, causing him to fall 18 levels below Peach Blossom Spring Cavern.
  • Junjie used Joo-Joo to lit up the lanterns to form fireworks during his coronation.
  • Junjie used Joo-Joo to defeat a Grimmstone and try to defeat the Emperor three times unsuccessfully.

The Lady and the Sword

  • The Dai-Fu practiced Slug Fu on a Negablade, a Grimmstone and a Cryptogrif.
  • Eli used the Earth Elemental to cause the ceiling to crash down the Iron Warrior.
  • Eli used his Flopper, Noodle to knock the headpiece that Underlord Holt was wearing to defeat the Iron Warrior.
  • Eli used Slug Fu on Buzzsaw and Torch's fusion combo to try defeating the Iron Warrior.
  • The Dai-Fu used a Ghouled Slicksilver to retrieve the Emperor's Sword Blaster from Pronto.
  • Eli and Junjie did a double Slug Fu move using Burpy & Joo-Joo and a double Flamespire move on the Iron Warrior.
  • Eli used 'shared sight' on Burpy again to attack the Iron Warrior.

The Emperor Strikes Back

  • Junjie used a Rammstone while the Dai-Fu used a Dark Urchin to duel.

The Return of the Eastern Champion

  • Burpy asked Lian about 'shared sight' and Lian explained to Eli that he must listen to his slugs.
  • Junjie used the Air Elemental to clear a path by destroying Stone Warriors.
  • Eli and Junjie did a double Slug Fu move using Burpy & Joo-Joo and a double Flamespire move on the Emperor.
  • Lian used a Frostcrawler and a Hop Rock to defeat a Ghouled Geoshard and a Ghouled Xmitter.
  • Eli used 'shared sight' on Burpy for the third time to find a way to defeat the Sonic Warrior.
  • Lian used a Hop Rock on the Sonic Warrior.
  • Lian also used Slug Fu on a Hop Rock and Tazerling to fight the Emperor.
  • Eli used Slug Fu and 'shared sight' on Burpy to knock the Emperor down into the Guardian Gate.

Slugterra: Into the Shadows

  • Eli used Burpy to demonstrate Slug Fu to Tad.
  • Eli used Slug Fu to defeat some Ghoul Slugs fired by The Scrap Force.
  • Eli used Slug Fu to defeat some of Tad's Ghouls.
  • Eli used Slug Fu on Burpy to avoid Ghouls and defeat three Greneaters, sending them to Tad, The Scrap Force and Munch.
  • Eli used Slug Fu to turn around an Enigmo slug to hit himself.




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