Slug Day is the Christmas-themed episode of Slugterra, and it is the ninth and fifty-fifth episode of season three.


A winter-time holiday has arisen in the Eastern Caverns around the mysterious “Giver,” who makes an annual visit to deliver slugs to the people of the East. But when a group of thieves make off with the Giver’s precious cargo of slugs, the gang must ride to the rescue—and discover the secret of who the Giver really is.




  • Slug Day is renamed to Slugmas.
  • Like the episode "Deadweed", it is a Holiday themed episode.
  • Kord's hatred of Pronto's singing is a running gag of this episode.


  • Kord recognizes Yarry, Morv and Oogleby as he and the Shane Gang have seen them in "Get Pronto".

Cultural References

  • When the people are skating on the ice, you can hear a part of Blue Danube by Richard Strauss; Eli too hums it in the end of the episode, causing Pronto's shock due to his off-key humming.
  • Symothy is similar to Tiny Tim from The Christmas Carol.
  • Symothy tells Pronto that the toast he made is for "The Giver", which is a reference to the kids leaving cookies and milk for Santa Claus at the night before Christmas.
  • Eli calls "The Giver", who is a Shadow Clan, as "Shadow Claus", which is a reference to "Santa Claus", a legendary old man who leaves presents for the children under Christmas trees or on doorsteps during the night before Christmas.
  • Eli uses the Aquatic Mode of his Mecha Beast as a sleigh while the Hoverbugs that pull the mecha beast on the sky are like reindeers. This is an allusion to Santa's sleigh that is pulled by reindeers to the sky as a form of transportation to deliver gifts.


  • When Bluster is helping to rearrange some things for the elderly, he is not seen as a Megamorph despite he is already a Megamorph since "Light as Day".
  • Beeker is seen in his Megamorph Velocimorph, but he does not have his Megamorph protoform before and after transformation.


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