SlugTerra Wiki

This is a list of SlugTerra Wikia Policies.

SlugTerra Wiki:Privacy Policy
For the safety and privacy of the users on this Wiki, all members are forbidden to:
  1. Share their real, full name
  2. Share their real age
  3. Share their address and location
  4. Share private information that shouldn't be spoken about online (e.g. telephone numbers)

Anyone who asks for such information in public (as in, the main Chat, in a blog post, or on a Talk Page) will also be given a warning.

SlugTerra Wiki:Language Policy
Cussing is not allowed without censors, and any rude or sexual language will be removed.
Tip: If you have to ask, just don't say it. Also, if you see that it has been censored elsewhere, that's usually a sign that you shouldn't say it.
SlugTerra Wiki:Picture Policy
Only high-quality images are allowed on articles. Other general images are allowed on User Pages only. Fan art is not allowed on articles. The only time a low-quality image can be used if it is a GIF animation, which are almost always in low quality. Inappropriate pictures or pictures that are risque are not allowed on the Wiki.
SlugTerra Wiki:Harassment Policy
If any user is seen flaming, disparaging, insulting, or otherwise degrading another user, they will automatically get a warning and possibly a one-day block. Hate lists against other users are also not allowed.
SlugTerra Wiki:Vandalism Policy
Any person who planned the disruption of an article or personal page will be given a warning, following the Warning Policy.
SlugTerra Wiki:All Editors Are Equal
No user is allowed to discriminate others based on gender, race, or hobbies.
SlugTerra Wiki:Sockpuppet Policy
Members are only allowed two accounts, maximum. Any user with a duplicate account cannot become an Administrator or Bureaucrat with their secondary account, no matter what position they were in with their primary account.
SlugTerra Wiki:Trolling Policy
Those who act with the intent of disrupting the community life of this Wiki will be blocked.
SlugTerra Wiki:Blocking Policy
Any user that gets three warnings will be blocked; the first block will be for three days, the second for one week, the third for two weeks, etc. If a person reaches five "legitimate" blocks, or blocks with a duration of three days or longer, then they will be permanently blocked.
An account will automatically be permanently blocked if it is made known that the account was created to dodge a block or a kickban on the user's previous account.