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Use in Articles

For use in articles, pictures must have no tampering/watermarks, or at the most, must have small print from the seller (if it is from an auction site).

Allowed Images

  • Uploading images that are not your own work, (i.e. fan art) need to have a copyright disclaimer.
  • Images containing sexual content are NOT allowed, the images will be deleted and you will be blocked on sight.
  • No links to pictures containing curse words is allowed.
  • Videos with mild cursing are allowed, but only if there is a warning ahead of it.
  • Please only upload PG images or non-violent images.
  • The definition of a violent image is as follows: An image with an excess amount of blood, gore, internal organs or otherwise inhuman substances. Images with torture, dissection, or decapitation.
  • Do not add Fan-Made or Non-SlugTerra Images to articles; after all, this is not a Fanon Wiki. However, those images can be for your User Page; otherwise, they will most likely be deleted.
  • Please don't add multiple Non-SlugTerra Images (except for User Pages, and Talk Pages).
  • All images must be in High Quality, with the exception of .GIF animations, which oftentimes (when recorded from an episode) end up in Low Quality.
  • On Blogs the max image size is 350x350.
  • Duplicates of the existing images on Wiki should not be uploaded.
  • Uploaded images are expected to be used immediately. If not, those images will be deleted. If a user excessively or continuously uploads images that will not be used, the said user will receive a warning.

Image Spamming

"Image spamming" is when a user posts an excessive amount of images on a certain article, and only for one sub-gallery (for example, someone uploads a ton of images only for Burpy's anime gallery). When the said images are redundant, unnecessary, and/or duplicated, this counts as image spamming.

Image spamming can only be done on User Pages, but even then, there is a certain amount of images you can place before it begins lagging the servers, and the Administrators will have to remove some images.

New Episodes

On the day of a new episode, users are allowed to TEMPORARILY upload low quality images. However, once a high quality video is uploaded, it is the IMAGE'S UPLOADER'S RESPONSIBILITY to replace it with a higher quality version. If they fail to do so, they will be blocked, no warning necessary.

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