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Inappropriate Language

Profanity is not allowed, nor are sexual references. Such references are a disgust to the community, and people who use such language will be blocked.

Swearing at other users are not allowed, nor is threatening language. You must speak respectfully to all members at all times, no matter the circumstances.

Use of swearing will not be tolerated as it will result into it being removed and be warned and possibly blocked from wiki.

On the Wiki

Because this is an English Wiki, we expect all users to be fluent in English, as well as speak in English. All pages are in English, as well as the blogs and the comments.

You may use a non-English language in your signature or sometimes in your blog comment, but continuously using a foreign language will result in a Warning and a Block.

If you are a User that doesn't speak English, we suggest that you go to the SlugTerra Wiki of your language. See the bottom of the Main Page.

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