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This is the Guidelines page! Please READ the rules/Guidelines prior to editing of the pages on this wikia!


General Rules

  • SWEARING IS ABSOLUTELY NOT ALLOWED. We are serious. Do not use any type of profanity even if it's heavily sensored. There are young folks who might read this Wikia, let's try not to get them influenced by profanity.
  • DO NOT TATTLE TALE. Don't try to get a person in trouble if they really aren't. If they're a new user, then help them, new users don't get marked for ONE MONTH. If new users make a mistake, put a message on their wall telling them of it. Some pages will be locked for new and unregistered users.
  • BE KIND. A lot of younger people watch this show and since this is the tech age, young children might stumble upon this. Some may even have an account.
  • HAVE FUN. :D

Editing Rules

  • USE PROPER GRAMMAR TO EDIT. Try to make the article interesting and avoid repeating short sentences.
    • BAD: "He is a slugslinger. He is the leader of this gang."
    • GOOD: "He is a slugslinger as well as the leader of this gang."
  • Try to keep the pages the same. For example, Character pages should be similar to each other. Same with Episode pages
  • Do not make duplicate pages, there will be a lot of useless pages floating around the wikia. Also if you make a new page, try to put more than a sentence or two.
  • Don't put false information on the wikia, even if it's a really valid rumor. If it is really interesting, then you can put it in the "Trivia" part of the page.
  • BE VERY CAREFUL WHILE EDITING TEMPLATE PAGES. Templates that are extremely important will be locked and do not edit them unless you know what you're doing.
  • Try not to make things annoying to look at. If there's a long list (for slugs or such), make another page to connect to it instead of crowding one page.

Photo Rules

  • Do not crowd pages with too much images. Also use a proper caption upon adding the picture.
  • You are welcome to upload fanart, as long as it's appropriate and does not contain any use of profanity (swearing), but you are not allowed to put FanArt on Character Pages.
    • There are special sections where FanArt will be allowed to be posted. These are your user page and on your blogs.
    • You are only allowed to post other people's Fan Art if you get their permission


  • We don't accept adding full episode videos on articles, only trailers/clips are allowed, along with videos from SlugTerra's official youtube channel in the "Videos" section.

Breaking the Rules

If you break the rules, you will be warned by a admin for at least two times, if it continues it could result a block, depending on the length is decide upon the reason and number of warnings you received.