SlugTerra Wiki

When you are on chat here on the SlugTerra Wiki you are expected to follow a set of rules and if you break these rules they will result in to kicks or bans from the admins.


  • No Spamming/Flooding the chat.
  • Have Fun :D
  • Be nice to other users.
  • Don't reveal or ask any personal information from users.
  • Refrain from constantly using Caps lock all the time.
  • ABSOLUTLEY NO Fighting in chat.
  • Listen and do not disrespect the admins or chat mods (if we have any).
  • Do not be mean (bullying) - Do not tease other users, make fun of them, or speak of them in a way that would be offensive.
  • Do not post links to inappropriate material- Adding inappropriate links is not allowed no matter what the reason is.
  • Do NOT swear.
  • Do NOT ask people for personal information.
  • Be helpful.