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When to Block

Whenever a Contributor has violated the Policies, they will first be warned. After three warnings, said Contributor will be blocked. The length of the blocks will increase each time the Contributor violates a Policy.

It is possible to block someone without warning, but only when they have at least 20 edits, all of which go against the Policies.

Permanent Blocks

If a Contributor has received 7 blocks, said Contributor will be permanently blocked from the Wiki. Also, in cases where the Contributor is extremely rude and/or disruptive, then they can be perma-blocked before they've used up all 7 blocks.

Also, if a user is re-blocked within two days after his/her previous block has expired, then that user will be permanently blocked with the third block.

Cool-down blocks

Blocks intended solely to "cool down" an angry user should not be used, as they often have the opposite effect. However, a user who is also being disruptive can be blocked to prevent further disruption, no warning necessary.

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