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Article policy on SlugTerra Wikia on how we do articles. The number of articles a wiki has shows how complete it is and the hard work users have put into creating it. Although a high article count is one of our main goals, we do not encourage the creation of unnecessary or irrelevant articles.

From our variety of articles Junjie and Maurice are two great examples of high-quality articles.

Unacceptable articles

  • Fanfiction articles
  • Articles irrelevant to SlugTerra
  • Duplicate articles
  • Articles with reviews/nonsense
  • Articles with no contents

Creation Format

When an article is created, it should have the following:

  • The first time the name is written is to be in bold via the designated bold tool, not by linking it
  • Include a short summary of who or what the topic is. If there is a paragraph at any given section of the article, then you should add the stub template
  • If it is a character, then add what information is known into a Character infobox
  • Add the proper categories.
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