The Shane Hideout is the house that Eli's father, Will Shane, left for him as a home and base of operations.


  • Main quarters

Located at the center of the building, the room features a painting of Eli and his dad, hiding a safe, part of the tree the hideout is built on, a slug habitat, a TV, the dinner table, and multiple doors leading to multiple rooms.

  • Service Bay (aka The Garage)

Located on the left side of the hideout, here Kord repairs and upgrades the gang Mecha-Beast. This was the first room shown in episode 1, The World Beneath Our Feet Part 1.


  • It has an alarm system.
  • The Shane hideout has its own automatic cannon to protect the hideout.
  • There is a safe behind a painting of Eli and his dad.
  • There are secret passages that the Shane Gang haven't discovered yet.


  • Despite being called a hideout, more than one of Eli's enemies knows its location, including Dr. Blakk.
  • The Shane Hideout is seen in almost every single episode.


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