The Shane Gang is a Slugslinging gang founded by Eli Shane, when he decides to team up with his friends to help defeat the evil in SlugTerra. The Shane Gang is dedicated to stopping crime throughout SlugTerra.

The Shane Hideout

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The Shane Hideout serves as the Base of Operations for the Shane Gang.



Like the common slinger, the gang uses standard slinging gear, although with a few blaster upgrades and heavily modded mechas. Unlike other slingers, the gang has a large amount of slugs combined into one entire group, from which each member contributes and draws from, for example, Digger has been seen used by multiple members.




Neutral Status


The Shane Gang normally travel via Mecha Beasts and occasionally they will ride other vehicles provided for them. Each member (not including Twist), posses their own personal Mecha-Beast. The Mecha-Beasts are upgraded by Kord and now have the ability to transform into motorcycles and go-karts.

  • Lucky (L-KE) - Eli Shane's Mecha Beast. It resembles a White Wolf. It transforms into a Motorcycle.
  • Boomer (BOOM-R) - Trixie Sting's Mecha Beast. It resembles a Blue Cougar. It transforms into a Go-Kart.
  • Wyatt (WY-8) - Kord Zane's Mecha Beast. It resembles a Green Warthog. It transforms into a chopper bike.
  • Fernando (FRND-0) - Pronto Geronimole's Mecha Beast. It resembles a Donkey. It transforms into a three-wheel Motorcycle/ATV.
  • (L-KE) - Junjie's Mecha Beast. It resembles a Greyish-Blue Wolf. It transforms into a Motorcycle.



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