Shadows and Light is the ninth episode of Slugterra it first aired on October 23, 2012.


A short cut takes the Shane Gang through the territory of the Shadow Clan -- and try as they might not to, they are discovered and captured by the mysterious creatures. Just when it looks like our heroes are done for, they are helped out of this jam by a most unlikely savior.


The episode starts with Locke and Lode attacking a group of slingers with a large amount of FandangoΒ Slugs. The slingers as a last resort send up a Slug flare calling in Eli and the gang. The gang manages to drive off the two brothers, but the mechas of the other slingers were thrashed. Β The gang offers to take the Slugs to Bullseye Cavern, to prevent it from dying. On the way, Locke and Lode intercept them and trap them in the path. They have to take another path, though it leads them by the territory of the Shadow Clan.

As the gang travels through the path, they are captured by the Shadow Clan only to be saved by Burpy. When they reach Bull's Eye however Locke and Lode attack them, while for some reason the Fandangos scatter. Soon Trixie finds that under the cavern's monument is a large supply of Dark Water. After scaring off Locke and Lode, Trixie tells Eli about the dark water.

Eli launches Doc in to get rid of it. He tires out quickly, until Pronto comes back with a Fandango and uses it to power up Doc. Soon a horde of Fandangos jump into the hole powering up Doc even more, saving the cavern.




Created By:
Asaph Fipke

Series Director:
Johnny Darrell

Sebastian Brodin

Elie Klimos
Jean Lacombe
Jae Harm

Written By:
Eugene Son

Story Editor:
Rob Hoegee


  • Featured Slug: Fandango





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