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Second Chances is the fifty-first episode of Slugterra and the fifth episode of season three. It originally aired Febuary 14th, 2016 on Family CHRGD.


While Junjie struggles with the knowledge of what he did during his time as the Dark Slinger, the Shane Gang meet a former servant of the Emperor who wants to turn over a new leaf. But can the Shane Gang help a bad guy learn to do good?


In a bar at Heaven's Pillar Cavern, the residents of the cavern celebrate the defeat of the Emperor, but the celebration is cut short when Jonny Man and his goons invade and begin stealing their slugs, then a few moments later Lady Dai-Fu contacts him and he tells her about his progress and she's glad to hear he's on schedule but she warns him that the Emperor didn't tolerate failure and neither would she, meanwhile a little girl records the whole thing.

Meanwhile the gang is seen sleeping around a campfire and Junjie is having a nightmare; in it Junjie faces the Emperor, who tells him that no matter what he does, he'll never be able to makeup for the 20 years of working as his right-hand, but Junjie tells the Emperor that he (the Emperor) doesn't own him (Junjie) anymore and that he'll defeat him, but the Emperor redirects Junjie attention to "The Dark Slinger", who tells Junjie that he has always meant to be the Dark Slinger and to accept it, then Master Lian is seen being turned into the Dai-Fu and when Junjie looks at himself, he's also turns into a Dark Servant and screams, waking up in the view of The Imperial Palace.

Later the gang is gathered around the unlit fire and is proud of their success, but Trixie finds a video of the attack in Heaven's Pillar on the Eastern Net distress site, so they decide to go there. Meanwhile Jonny and his goons are glad to finally have ghouls and Jonny tells them that the Dai-Fu's the one to thank. But back with the gang, Kord asks Eli about finding Will, but Eli tells him that they promised to help Junjie make things right and that isn't done yet, and then they come across a town, where someone looks to be needing help, so they do. However they soon realize that, that someone is the "former" Underlord Swick, who tells them that he's trying to be a good guy, but the residents of the town start listing all the bad things he's been doing and form a mob, but Junjie intervenes and tells the residents that if he's turning to change, everyone deserves a chance no matter what they've done, but that's when Swick then blurts out Junjie's former Dark Slinger identity and his past, which frightens the residents. Eli then intervenes and tells Swick that if he is a good guy, then he's going to have to prove it, starting with getting rid off his Stone Warriors, so he starts firing at the warriors, but the warriors fight back and he doesn't do a good job. After the warriors are defeated, the gang continues their journey to Heaven's Pillar and let Swick join them, otherwise the residents would punish him.

On their way to the cavern however, the gang comes across several other situations, where Swick tries to help out but his greedy for gold and proving himself and his lack of slinging skills just cause a mess of things and one by one the gang starts hating him, but Junjie talks with Swick and tells him that he believes Swick is a good guy. Eventually they arrive at one of Jonny's outposts and they realize Jonny now has ghouls and begin to make a plan, but Swick just starts riding towards Jonny, who quickly starts evacuating and then realizes it's Swick, and eventually lets him join. They then both work together to take out the Shane Gang, but Swick seems to have a tough time firing and blames the ghouls, and eventually their convoy crashes, leaving Swick trapped under a mecha while Jonny plans his escape and abandons Swick.

Later when the gang catches up to the trapped Swick, Swick asks for help and reveals that he was helping them the whole time. Later the gang returns the stolen ghouled slugs to the residents and unghoul them, while Junjie thanks Swick for proving that everyone can change, no matter what they've done. And the gang offers him to join them, but Swick declines and tells them that he's not good at being good, so he'll just join some other Underlords and do whatever he can to sabotage them and help the gang's cause, then he walks away and Trixie tells the gang that she still finds him annoying, as he gets into some more trouble with the residents again.







  • In one scene Eli has three blasters.


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