Season Three[1][2][3][4] was the third season of Slugterra and began airing on January 17, 2016 (on Family CHRGD), however it should be noted that the first four episodes originally aired as one whole movie which had a theatrical release on August 15, 2015 (in Canada). There are 13 episodes (1 movie + 9 episodes) in the season.

Overall Synopsis

In Season Three, Eli and the Shane Gang help their new friend Junjie return to his home in the mysterious Eastern Caverns, only to discover that the sinister Emperor has been ruling with an iron fist for 20 years! The gang promises to help Junjie defeat the Emperor. It won't be easy going up against the Emperor's henchmen, army of stone warriors and arsenal of slugs twisted by dark magic. But with their own loyal, powerful slug buddies and the ancient slugslinging secrets of Slug Fu on their side, Eli, Junjie and the Shane Gang are determined to save Slugterra, and the Surface World, from the Emperor's diabolical plans.[5][6][7]


  1. The Journey to the Eastern Caverns (Slugterra: Eastern Caverns - Part 1)
  2. The Great Slug Robbery (Slugterra: Eastern Caverns - Part 2)
  3. The Tournament of the Underlords (Slugterra: Eastern Caverns - Part 3)
  4. The Emperor (Slugterra: Eastern Caverns - Part 4)
  5. Second Chances
  6. Get Pronto
  7. Stuff of Legend
  8. Eastern Tech
  9. Slug Day
  10. The Fall of the Eastern Champion
  11. The Lady and the Sword
  12. The Emperor Strikes Back
  13. The Return of the Eastern Champion

Bonus Features (Slugisodes)

  1. Joo-Joo in: Food Fight!
  2. The Good, The Bad, and The Larry
  3. Goober's Blowback
  4. Know Your Slugs: Armashelt (EXTREME Edition)
  5. Know Your Slugs: Tazerlings (EXTREME Edition) - Part 1
  6. Know Your Slugs: Tazerlings (EXTREME Edition) - Part 2
  7. Slug Fu & You!
  8. Let Sleeping Prontos Lie
  9. Larry, Stinky & Mo
  10. Washed Up!
  11. Picnic Problems!
  12. Spitting Image!
  13. Rookie In: Somebody's Watching Me
  14. Be a Fan of the Fandango!
  15. Megamorphs, Guardians, and Elementals!


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