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Season 4[2][3][4] is the fourth season installment in the Slugterra series and was first released in Canadian cinemas on August 6th, 2016 and later premiered on television starting October 4th, 2016.

Overall Synopsis

As the Shane Gang returns to the 99 Caverns from their Eastern adventure, they discover the Shadow Clan has decided to put slugs before the needs of the people. The Gateway Cavern has been overrun with slugs and it’s up to Eli and the gang to restore balance. Met with resistance, help comes from an unexpected source – 13-year-old Tad and his slug Pieper, who just arrived from the Surface[5].


Bonus Features (Slugisodes)

  1. 401: Slugs and Spares!
  2. 403: Photo Finished!
  3. 404: Slug Rally 5000!
  4. 405: Comin’ Achoo!
  5. 406: Trick or Cheat!
  6. 408: Slug Cappella!
  7. 409: Swashbuckling Slugs!
  8. 402: Flopper Party!
  9. 407: On Thin Ice!


  • Status - the season was greenlit as of April 15, 2015 and aired on August 6th, 2016 (in theaters).
  • This season is 4 half-hour episodes long but originally airs as a feature length film on August 6, 2016.
    • After the theatrical release, the season makes its first televised broadcast in Australia from September 12th to the 16th.
    • In Canada, the season began airing October 4th[6].
  • This season is accompanied by 9 new slugisodes and a mobile game called "Slug It Out: Shadow Wars".


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