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The Sand Angler is first seen in the episode "The New Kid Part 1" when Eli uses one to create quicksand around Nacho. This armored slug is an Uncommon earth element slug. In "The Journey Home", it's the first Slug that Munch uses against Eli, implying that it is Munch's favourite Slug or his strongest Slug.

In protoform they have mustard yellow skin and a chestnut brown shell. Upon reaching velocity, it looks like a scorpion and surrounds a person with quicksand. In the episode "The Unbeatable Master", a Sand Angler was shot by Trixie at Twist who was disguised as another slinger. It is also seen in the episode "The Hard Part", used by Boss Ember more than once. In "The Unbeatable Master" a Sand Angler is seen being defeated by a Jellyish's Loogi attack.

A famous Sand Angler is Urchin, who belongs to Eli Shane.

A ghouled version of Sand Angler has not yet been seen in the show, but the official name for one is "Sand Mangler".


  • Protoform Abilities - Can create a small blast of sand, good for grinding.
  • Dunebugger - Sprays sand in an opponent's face.
  • Sandcrete - Hits the ground below an opponent, creates a patch of quicksand.
  • Scarabi - Creates a blinding, pelting, sandstorm whirlwind - hard to see, move or breathe.
  • Sand Scarab - Targeted sand spray clogs up blasters and gear.


although it's offensively inferior to other slugs like rammstones and grenukes the sand angler is a slug with a pretty solid ground-based moveset: it can also dig tunnels in velocity, wich makes it a perfect slug to take part in a tandem shot with heavy- hitting slugs like the armashelt. dunebugger is arguably the weakest out of the four moves the sand angler has, but with enough experience it can be a good attacking move and it can save you from falls, although other slugs are better at this kind of task; sandcrete creates patches of quicksand "strong" and big enough to immobilize individuals as strong and muscular as nacho, who can strike down averagely experienced slugs . scarabi is a straight-up chaos generating move that can succesfully hit more than one target at a time. the last move a sand angler learns is sand scarab: this move can leave an opponent vulnerable if it connects. outside of battle it can be useful to dig and it's the right slug if you want to get yourself some sand



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