Ricochet (unofficial name) is a speedstinger owned by Mario Bravado. He has a scar on his head, probably gotten at the duel against Dr. Blakk. He is the only known slug owned by Mario Bravado.


  • Protoform Abilities - Can curl up like a pinball and bounce around to hit a small target.
  • Trickoshey - Calculates angles to ricochet off walls and hit hard-to-reach targets - good against blocking moves.
  • Gatoreturn - Ricochets to hit many targets, comes back to the slugslinger to be fired again.
  • Kinetikick - When fired at an opponent will bounce off of anything around them, hitting them multiple times.
  • Slugmug - Takes down a fired slug with a multi-angle trick shot, hits opponent, grabs an item and returns.


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