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Ricochet (unofficial name) is a speedstinger owned by Mario Bravado. He has a scar on his head, probably gotten at the duel against Dr. Blakk. He is the only known slug owned by Mario Bravado. He later went on to work with Mario in a pizza shop named after him called Ricochet Pizza.


  • Protoform Abilities - Can curl up like a pinball and bounce around to hit a small target.
  • Trickoshey - Calculates angles to ricochet off walls and hit hard-to-reach targets - good against blocking moves.
  • Gatoreturn - Ricochets to hit many targets, comes back to the slugslinger to be fired again.
  • Kinetikick - When fired at an opponent will bounce off of anything around them, hitting them multiple times.
  • Slugmug - Takes down a fired slug with a multi-angle trick shot, hits opponent, grabs an item and returns.



  • It is the only slug seen in the show with a proper scar on its body.
  • The Scar was given by a Ghoul slug a Nightgeist in particular because in the flashback it was not shown with any injury and Mario has said that he has not done any slugslinging since his duel with Dr. Blakk.
  • Mario used to sling Ricochet to perform trick shots that no other slinger in the entire The 99 Caverns was able to do until he trained Eli Shane with his Speedstinger Stunts.