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Red Hook is one of the best Blastersmiths in Slugterra, which all the best Slugslingers would use, including Eli Shane's father Will Shane. He debuted in The Slugout and resides in Quiet Lawn Cavern.


Redhook is the best of the best when it comes to fixing and making new blasters, gear, and mods, which is great if you can stand being around such a grumpy old man long enough to buy something.


Red Hook is a brilliant slingersmith, even creating the blasters for The Shanes. He's a resident of Quiet Lawn Cavern, and he was creator of the Defender Slipstream XVL, a blaster model that he only made 2 of; 1 used to be Jimmo Shane's, but he would pass it down to Will Shane, and the other blaster is currently owned by Eli Shane.

He later helped Kord to create the Double Barrel, an attachment for Eli's blaster that permit's Eli to create a Fusion Shot.

In Dark as Night, he was captured by Dr. Blakk, and was forced to create Accelerators for their blasters to make Megamorphed Ghoul Slugs, but eventually he would be rescued by the Shane Gang.

He reappears in "Return of the Elementals" when Dr. Blakk, Goon and Darkbane storm in Quiet Lawn Cavern and wreck havoc to find the Energy Elemental Slug as they can't find it Red Hook confronts them as Blakk almost kills him but just in time the Shane Gang arrive and get the rock of him as Doc cures him.






  • He is very grabby with his personal items.
  • He uses tools not even made anymore.
  • Red Hook wears an eye patch on his right eye.
  • He was the one that made Eli Shane's and Will Shane's blaster.
  • He reappeared in "The Hard Part" when Eli Shane asks him to make a Blaster that can perform fusion shots for him.
  • In the credits for "The Slugout", his name is spelled 'Redhook'.  However, in the credits for "Dark as Night", it's spelled 'Red Hook'.
  • His hook doubles as a grapple, strong enough to stop a Slug at velocity.
  • In Return of the Elementals he was almost killed by Dr. Blakk. In fact, he died for a moment but was revived by Doc.
  • Redhook's eye colour constantly changed throughout the series. He had green eye in "The Slugout", dark greyish-blue in "Dark as Night", and purple in "The Hard Part" and "Slugterra: Return of the Elementals".
  • He may have lived in Slag Rock cavern once before moving to Quiet Lawn Cavern, as he possibly was in the flashback in Back to Blakk.
  • His eye patch is a possible reference to the Marvel character Nick Fury.