Rarity is a count that indicates a slug species' level of rareness.

Levels of Rarity

So far, slugs are seen classified into 1 of 6 levels of rarity: "Common", "Uncommon", "Rare", "Extremely Rare", "Ultra Rare" or "One-of-a-kind".

  1. "Common": indicates that a species is commonly found and comes in large numbers.
  2. "Uncommon": indicates that a species comes in large numbers but can be tricky to spot.
  3. "Rare": indicates that a species is large in numbers but can only easily found in certain areas.
  4. "Extremely Rare": indicates that a species is few in numbers and can only be found in a certain area.
  5. "Ultra Rare": indicates that a species is very few in numbers with there almost being no chance to spot more than one of each species let alone spot even one.
  6. "One-of-a-kind": indicates exactly what it says, only one of each species exists in all of existence.

Rarity Chart

This is a chart of all slugs and their rarities:

Rarity Slugs Ghouls
Earth Elemental Slug ProtoformAir Elemental Slug ProtoformDoc Guardian ProtoformWater Elemental Slug ProtoformFire Elemental Slug ProtoformThe Universal Slug
Ultra rare
Ultra Rare
Opening BurpyEnigmo(2)Crystalyd1ST SG SLUGS HypnogrifProtoNarwhaddleMidasPieper proto Darkfurnus-protST SG SLUGS GoonDocProtoGhouled CrystalydGorgemelterST SG SLUGS CryptogrifProto
Extremely rare
Extremely Rare
Opening DocWhite Boon Doc ProtoformForgesmelter Protoform 312x340Firenzar Nightgeist Ghouled CPVexletNeurotox Protoform 321x340Ghouled Geoshard
SpectreST SG SLUGS HexletProtoST SG SLUGS NeotoxProtoST SG SLUGS GeoshardProto ST SG SLUGS AttacknetProtoFLATULOREXST SG SLUGS BubbalashProtoVinedrone-protAquafreak ProtoformDoomspikerHoverbladeGhouled NegashadeMegabreakerST SG SLUGS SmuggletProtoGhouled XmitterDisastiped
Opening ArachnetST SG SLUGS FlatuloProtoformBubbaleone protoVinAquabeek protoStuntsLavalynx protoOpening HoverBugST SG SLUGS NegashadeProtoST SG SLUGS MakoBreakerProtoST SG SLUGS ThuggletProtoST SG SLUGS XmitterProtoST SG SLUGS BlastipedeProtoGlowbyssSpikeshade Tazerling Ghouled CPST SG SLUGS GrimmstoneProtoST SG SLUGS HarmasheltProtoHoprock3Thresher3Frostcrawler3Jellyish Ghouled CPVamparoST SG SLUGS BarretoProtoST SG SLUGS PhotomoProtoTempesto-ProtPyringo-ProtoformNeedlowveil protoformST SG SLUGS GreneaterProtoST SG SLUGS TerrarixProtoGhouled SlicksilverSand Mangler
Opening Joules CPOpening RammstoneST SG SLUGS BangerProtoform2Opening HopRockStill Threasher CPOpening ChillerStill JellyishOpening Fandango CPLariat3Polaro Protoform 312x340Slugterre4Bluster1Opening FlaringoOpening DirtUrchinStill Grenuke CPSlyren Protoform 312x340Diggrix ProtoformST SG SLUGS SlickSilverProtoST SG SLUGS SandAnglerProtoST SG SLUGS GazzerProtoFlopper-prot


  • Oddly enough, rarity levels also refer to power levels
  • Officially Tazerlings are classified as Common slugs, but oddly enough in the episode Roboslugs, they're seen classified as Uncommon on Quintin's database.
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