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Dr. Quintin Kalowski is a rogue scientist who wanted to get rid of Slugs and replace them with roboslugs. His goggles can scan Slugs and program countermeasures, making him a tough slinger to beat.


A brilliant rogue scientist specializing in robotics and artificial slug technology, Quintin created the first ever Roboslugs, which he uses exclusively and believes to be superior to real slugs.


As a child, Quentin went on a field trip, and, wandering off on his own, fell into a room filled with a pit of Slugs and was trapped inside. He wasn't found until two days later, after he developed Molluscophobia—phobia of Slugs—and became obsessed with ridding SlugTerra of Slugs. When he became a scientist he created the roboslugs and took over the university that he had previously worked at. Eli shows up shortly after to stop him, and challenges him to a duel. Quentin holds the advantage with his Roboslugs adapting to overpower Eli's Slugs, but is defeated when Eli uses the Enigmo, a Slug Quentin did not have data on.  Quentin escapes capture and he returns with a giant robot, only to be defeated by the Shane Gang. But when Slugs saved him from being crushed by his own robot, his gratitude to them caused him to finally overcome his fear of Slugs. He gives up and was arrested peacefully but, soon afterwards, Dr. Blakk arrives and offeres him a job at Blakk Industries.

After a long absence. he returns in "Upgrade". He follows the Shane Gang, who are trying to get a recently captured Dr. Blakk to a high security prison, using a large battle tank that he designed, but later got fired by Dr. Blakk.



  • Some fans think that Quentin appeared in disguise as The Game Master.
  • Quentin is shown to have a fear of slugs after being trapped in a room full of them for a while, his fear led him to create Robo-Slugs.
  • Although he fear slugs he started to loose that fear when he was saved by Eli's Flopper slug Noodle and a few other slugs in his first appearance and was shown using Ghouls in his Titan Tank implying that he either lost his fear entirely or do not have a fear of Ghouled slugs.


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