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―Pronto's Battle Cry

Pronto Geronimole is a molenoid tracker, a master slugslinger and adventurer, or at least that’s what he thinks. His favourite slug is the Flatulorhinkus and he's one of the members of the Shane Gang.


A proud and knowledgeable molenoid tracker, Pronto is a master rogue, slugslinger and adventurer... or at least that's how he tells it. Molenoids have a built-in magnetic compass that means they can find their way almost anywhere. Unfortunately this has completely gone to his head, which is why Pronto's been kicked out of almost every cavern he's ever been to at least once!.


Pronto is an extremely egotistic molenoid who cares about nothing more than fame, fortune, and a life of comfort. Despite these self-centered traits, Pronto is shown to be very caring towards everyone on his team. He is funny and comedic as well as self-centered, and is always around to cheer up the Shane Gang or make things worse. His egotistic and unique personality allows him to be the comic relief when things get rough.

The molenoid has an obsession with fame and fortune, seizing any opportunity to become rich and famous. He doesn't care about the well-being of Slugs too much, unless it earns him the title of a "righteous and humble" hero. Pronto has a tendency to make up tall-tales about his adventures. Although he is obsessed with being rich, Pronto is shown multiple times to be spending a sum amount of money to get things for comfort, even to the point where he spends the Shane Gang's money (as seen in Club Slug). His irritable and annoying personality causes him and the Shane Gang to get into more trouble than it's worth, often making them extremely cross with him. He enjoys eating bugs as well as eating in general, unlike the other members of the Shane Gang. Pronto has a tendency to be impatient and insensitive towards other people. He doesn't like waiting and usually wants things to be done immediately.  

He also likes to cook, but most of his meals are made out of disgusting ingredients. This is pointed out by Trixie when she says that an edible meal cooked by Pronto is rare.

Pronto and the Crystalyd

He has no problem insulting someone right in front of their face, as seen when he insults Eli, who was heavily vision impaired, calling him "utterly useless" in Endangered Species. He also has a slight obsession with being an adventurer, as long as he doesn't get hurt in the process. He dislikes boring work, as seen in Keys to the Kingdom, when he almost resigns from being King because the job was simply boring and he would prefer to continue fighting bad guys as opposed to being a King.

Although being extremely proud of his abilities as a molenoid, Pronto is shown to have a more loving and caring side. He cares a lot about the Shane Gang, even to the point of following orders from Burpy (shown in Mission: Improbable), a slug which he considers lower than him, to save them. As seen in Light as Day, he was distraught when he saw Eli fall into the portal to the Darkbane Dimension and was ecstatic when he found out that Eli wasn't going to leave Slugterra to go back to the surface. Pronto always means well and tries to make up for his mistakes, but often makes matters worse. Despite this, the Shane Gang cares about him as much as he cares about them. He is very loyal to the Shane Gang and most of the time does what is asked of him.


Pronto is the shortest and stockiest of the group. Despite his small size, he has the ability to dig tunnels underground, as he is a molenoid. He has light purple-pink skin with hazel eyes. He has a protruding belly as well as small, but strong hind legs. Pronto's skin temporarily turned green during Dawn of the Slug .

On a daily basis, Pronto wears a blue and white striped shirt along with an orange bandanna around his neck. On his head there is a yellow helmet which possibly protects him when he is digging underground. He has sharp canine-like teeth as opposed to humans and a thin mustache. He wears black gloves and boots, along with a belt with the iconic Shane Gang Logo. He keeps his Slug containers on his belt, and attaches his blaster on his back when not in action.

The Molenoid wore a Slugball Uniform during the episode Slugball, and briefly wore a dress with high heels during the events of King of Sling, Slugterra: Eastern Caverns and Get Pronto. He is shown multiple times stealing Blakk's goon uniforms and wearing them as disguises.

Occasionally, Pronto loses his pants (Keys to the Kingdom and Slug Fu Showdown). When he does, he's shown to wear blue briefs.

History and Show

Early Life

Pronto grew up in a fairly wealthy society in the land of the Molenoids. Geronimole was a chivalrous young mole-man, he helped everybody who needed assistance, and went to great extremes to aid all the distressed. He was assumed to be a prince and became an heir to the throne when his parents or regent resigned the job of King for him. Eventually, the molenoid grew sick of the boring society he lived in and at one point in time, he left to become a rogue Slugslinger and "adventurer".  Sometime during his adventure, he had become acquainted with Will Shane, but not enough for Will to remember his name later on. Pronto continued to wander for a while and eventually found the Shane Hideout.

Meeting Eli Shane

Pronto was scavenging in Will Shane's house when Eli first finds him. After a rough meeting, Eli decides to recruit him as a tracker, making him the first member of the Shane Gang. Realizing he's a Shane, the molenoid decides to take Eli to a tournament qualifier to help him build his arsenal of Slugs. Upon realizing his friend has never Slugslinged before, he goes and finds Kord Zane to spar against. He also meets up with Trixie, who rescued Eli earlier when he wasn't looking. The four become steadfast friends and after Eli wins the rough battle in the qualifiers, they head off to the first round.

Taking Eli through the dangerous route as opposed to the road, much to Eli's dismay, they finally make it to the place of the tournament. Unlike Trixie and Kord, Pronto does not participate in the tournament and merely watches while cheering Eli on (although bragging that he had trained the new Shane). He accompanies Eli when he goes to meet with Blakk and displays horror when he sees the ghouled slug. Pronto then leaves to watch Eli in the Final Rounds. He is shocked to find Eli beaten by the same ghoul slug that he saw in Blakk's office.

After the tournament was over, Pronto was the first one to comfort Eli who was lamenting on the fact that he had to figure out how to be a Shane alone, along with Kord and Trixie. Together the newly formed Shane Gang rushed off to begin their first adventure together.

Skills and Abilities

Pronto is of great significance and value in the group. Though he lacks the leadership of Eli, the strength of Kord, and the critical thinking skills of Trixie; he possesses incredible tracking and underground excavation skills. He is moderately skilled in Slugslinging, although he has a habit of being impulsive when it comes to battling, often not thinking what might happen if he shoots a certain slug. Pronto doesn't normally think when it comes to battling, but he has impressive accuracy as seen with his sniper-like blaster. He doesn't normally miss what he's aiming at, no matter if he's riding on a Mecha-Beast or hiding somewhere high above. Pronto can take out enemies very creatively, usually in ways even Pronto himself didn't expect.

Pronto's relationship with his slugs is not very intimate. To him, his slugs are nothing more than ammo and lazy, goofy beasts, this is made clear from his insulting and derogative attitude towards the slugs. Because of this, his slugslinging skills are not the best.

Lacking in strength, Pronto has expert digging skills. He is shown to dig up tunnels and holes in mere moments usually without help, though he occasionally enlists the help of digging Slugs. Being a molenoid, he has an enhanced sense of smell and sight as opposed to humans. He is able to notice things that the other members of the Shane Gang can't detect. He is the only known molenoid to lead people into the Cavern of Time as well as bring them safely out. Although boasting in the talent of tracking, Pronto truly has a talent for leading the Shane Gang out of serious and/or dangerous situations.


  • His favourite Slugs are his Flatulorhinkus (named Stinky), Jellyish, and Lariat.
  • The Sharpslinger Lightningbolt XD is his favorite Blaster.
  • FRND-0 is his favorite Mecha Beast, although he states that Fernando has too much "personality".
  • It is revealed in "The Unbeatable Master" that Pronto is great at playing the flute despite knowing only one song.
  • He is the only known molenoid that was able to ride and temporarily tame a Crystal Worm.
  • Pronto is a sleepwalker.
  • He makes home cooked meals, mostly from insects. He rarely makes them with no insects as Trixie points out.
  • In many episodes, he's shown to get the Shane Gang lost and lead them into more trouble than it's worth.
  • Given what the Molenoids of Molemound say in "Keys to the Kingdom", Pronto has been avoiding his Kingly duties for roughly 2,927 days (approximately 8 years) as of this episode.
  • Pronto likes handbags and says that he has an "excellent" taste in fashion.
  • Despite being on the same team, He and Burpy usually don't get along, although they come to neutral terms in Mission: Improbable.
  • His promo art (see top of page) shows him with a Tazerling and a Hoverbug in his slug tubes, as well as what might be a Boon Doc (middle blaster tube) and a Lavalynx (top blaster tube), despite the fact that Pronto does not have any of those slug types in his arsenal, except a Tazerling, seen in Dark as Night.
  • Pronto, as part of his character design, has no ears and he mentions in Mecha Mutiny that his ears are located in his nose.
  • His last name "Geronimole" as shown in Slugisodes is a play on of the word "Geronimo", which is used to express exhilaration. Additionally his first name "Pronto", is another word for the word "Quickly".
  • On his concept art page, his name is 'Pinto'. Also in Return of the Elementals, Will Shane called him this by mistake, he then replied he had an identical twin brother who went by that very name.
  • Pronto's irresponsible actions led Eli into mastering Slug Fu.

Cultural References

  • He resembles Rotor from Sonic SatAM and Archie Sonic the Hedgehog.


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