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Neotox are rare plant element Slugs. They are bright green with an orange head and are similar to Vinedrill Slugs except for the added orange colouration. These Slugs prefer to live in swamps and marshes.

At velocity, they resemble an alligator with a caterpillar's tail. It's the signature Slug of Blite.

A famous Neotox has not yet been seen in the show.

A ghouled Neotox is called a Neurotox.

Owned Neotoxes

The most famous user of Neotox Slugs is Blite. He was notorious for firing the Slug to release the gas, jumping into the fog, and pummeling the victims. He was able to do this by wearing a gas mask, granting him immunity to the affects of the slugs' toxic fumes. Boss Ember also possesses a Slug of this kind.


  • Protoform Abilities - Wilts nearby plants.
  • Toxicloud - Slug emits a toxic poison cloud attack. Neotox gas paralyzes people who breathe it, but the effect fades after several minutes to several hours, depends on their level of exposure.
  • Slugblight - Poison cloud makes slugs sick, they don't want to stay in their shells.
  • Rustaloid - Corrodes blasters and gear - reduces reliability and function, will stop working over time.
  • Metalrot - Makes metal brittle and easy to break, slugslingers can shoot metal floors, walls, etc.

Fusion Shots

  • Toxic Tusk: "Neotox" + "Thresher" -TBD. It hasn't officially appeared in the show yet.


  • Neotox can release a gas that temporarily paralyzes a foe. It also turns the victim's skin green.
  • If too many Neotoxes are fired at once, it creates a Neotox fog, which just keeps growing and growing. It can only be countered by a Vinedrill that knows Vinevent.


For a slinger that wants to make use of toxic poison besides a Flatulorhinkus, Neotox is just the right slug. Toxicloud can assist the slinger by paralyzing opponents, making the use of the slug in battle a moral question and giving it its reputation. Slugblights forces the slugs to be weakened and escaped, leaving the opposing slinger without ammo, giving them a disadvantage. Rustaloid can give the users an advantage over their opponent by corroding their blasters and gear, which reduces their function and reliability.

Outside of battle, Metalrot can help a slinger to break through doors and walls if trapped. This attack can possibly break a Mecha Beast since it possibly is made out of some sort of metal.



  • Slugs are immune to the Neotox gas.
  • Neotox gas apparently only affects the somatic nervous system, thereby leaving the creature completely paralyzed however still able to breathe (as the breathing action is monitored by the autonomic nervous system).
  • In the episode "No Exit", Pronto said that only Blite was twisted enough to own a Neotox, and yet in the episode "The Hard Part", it is shown that Boss Ember owns one. This could imply every slinger could be able to own one.
    • Ironically, in "Slugterra: Eastern Caverns", Pronto fired a Neotox at one of the Vinedrill plants.
  • Boss Ember's Neotox may be his most experienced Slug due to the fact that, out of the Neotox, his Forgesmelter, his Tormato and his Sand Angler, only his Neotox dodged all of Beeker's attacks.
  • In the episode No Exit, it's shown that Neotox slugs aren't rare because so many Neurotox ghouls were fired by Twist.
  • The relationship between Neotox and Vindrills seems to be mutual, depending on which slug was fired first, as a Neotox gas could wilt the plants produced by Vinedrills while Vinedrills are capable of neutralising the gas produced by Neotox slugs.


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