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Narwhaddle slugs are an ultra rare ice slug species that can be found in Snowdance Cavern.


These chubby, chilly slugs are a brand new species! Its icy blast freezes your opponent while speeding up your other slugs!


Icyflash (Unofficial name) - Blows an icy blast of wind that instantly flash freezes an opponent or large object.

Fusion Shot

  • Hyperflash: "Narwhaddle" + "Slyren"- TBD. It hasn't officially appeared on the show yet.


  • It's possible that just like Crystalyd slugs. who are known to only come out every hundred years; Narwhaddles might also come out only at a certain time (every December).
  • The Narwhaddle's name is a combination of the words Narwhal, a type of whale that lives in the Artic, and Waddle, an action commonly associated with Penguins.
  • Narwhaddle was the first slug to debut in Slugterra: Slug It Out!
  • In its debut in Slug It Out!, Narwhaddle's attacks slowdown your opponents slugs, while speeding up your own. This can be interpreted as them creating an ice slide while also freezing their opponent.
  • It is an ultra-rare version of its common ice element cousin, Frostcrawler.