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Mr. Saturday is a character that appears as the main antagonist of "Dawn Of The Slug" and "Mission Improbable".


A creepy slugslinger from the tropical caverns, there are rumors that Mr. Saturday has been experimenting with dark slug magic. Using his highly trained Cryptogrif ghoul, Mr. Saturday has made an art form of controlling his foes’ minds.


Mister Saturday appeared in "Dawn of the Slug" inside the mall. In the episode he used a Cryptogrif to turn most of the people inside into zombies, and would have taken over if the Shane Gang hadn't stopped him.

He appears again in "Mission: Improbable", where he seizes control of the maximum security facility Stalagmite 17. He makes a deal with Blakk to trade the captive Shane Gang and their Slugs in exchange for more Cryptogrifs.



  • He also is a playable game in the "Slug It Out!" game.
  • In "Mission: Improbable", he was revealed to like smoothies, which is a running gag throughout the episode.
  • His name, skull face paint, and Jamaican accent are most likely a reference to the voodoo Loa of the death, Baron Samedi (Samedi being the french word for Saturday), as voodoo practice (despite having Creole origins) is a common Jamaican stereotype.


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