Ignorance is bliss.
―Molenoid motto[src]


Molenoids are digging inhabitants of SlugTerra. Their population appears to be largely concentrated in their home cavern. They have mapped the entirety of SlugTerra and are in possession of a vast repository of maps, though they have no interest in defending this collection of information beyond the traps already built into the vault.


Molenoids are several shades of purple, and are usually stupid. Molenoids have dirty teeth, dirtier noses, and eyebrows that mysteriously hover above their eyes. They have two brains.


Molenoids, instead of fixing their own problems, rely on their King to solve their problems, the most recent being Pronto, as they think "Ignorance is bliss".


Things you never knew about molenoids:

  • They have 2 brains
  • They hear with their noses
  • Their hearts are located in their bums


  • Navigation: Molenoids have an innate sense of direction that allows them to easily find their way through the tunnels and caverns of SlugTerra. They are easily able to remember and visualize routes, allowing them to create maps on the fly if need be.
  • Digging: Like their surface counterparts, Molenoids excel at digging and are capable of burrowing through both rock and metal.  Interestingly enough, despite this ability it was the Cave Trolls who created most of the tunnels used in SlugTerra.
  • Swimming: Molenoids are unaffected by quicksand and, in fact, prefer to spend their summers relaxing in these dangers pit traps.
  • Durability: As seen whenever Pronto is directly injured, Molenoids seem to be highly durable, for example in "The New Kid Part 2", after falling of the cavern ceiling and plummeting down to the cavern floor, Pronto quickly recovered.
  • Sonic Immunity: As seen in Slugterra: Into the Shadows, Pronto is the only one who is not affected by Pieper's sonic blasts.


  • The vast majority of Molenoids are unable to take care of themselves. They shove their problems off onto their King and as a result most individuals appear to have cultivated few skills beyond the talents of their species.
  • Their "somebody else's problem" attitude causes them to ignore impending danger, such as a Slug fight occurring right over their heads.

Named Molenoids


  • Molenoids were the third species introduce into the show, following humans and slugs.
  • Molenoids like eating insect meals, like Cavern Crawlers.
  • According to Kord, Molenoids have the biggest map collection in all of SlugTerra, which are situated in the Vault of Knowledge, but is later destroyed by El Diablos Nacho with a Greneater.
  • The Eastern Caverns they don't have Molenoids.
  • Apparently, prior to the episode "Get Pronto", the location of a Molenoid's heart is already revealed in the episode "It Comes by Night", when blue-white orbs of Slug Energy return to their owners through their hearts. Pronto, on the other hand, is returned through his bum (implying that his heart is in his bum, not in his chest).


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