Mission: Improbable is the thirtieth episode of Slugterra. It had Aired on July 5 2013 on Disney XD in Canada.


The Shane Gang's been captured by the zombifying Mr. Saturday! Locked up in Stalagmite 17, they are helpless as Dr. Blakk begins the trip there to collect them. Only one hope remains... the two members of the Shane Gang Saturday didn't capture: Pronto and Burpy. Can this mismatched pair pull off an impressive prison break?


After the rest of the gang is captured by Mister Saturday, Pronto and Burpy must free them from Stalagmite 17. After sneaking in Pronto and Burpy manage to, find a way to Saturday. While the gang tricks Saturday into letting them out of there cell, pronto is unmasked and starts running, eventually running into the rest of the gang. While pronto gets the zombiefied guards cured Blakk arrives, confronting Eli and the others. Once they meet up Eli uses a fusion shot to get the gang out of Blakk's grasp.




  • The running gag of this episode is that Mr. Saturday keeps asking for a smoothie, his favourite drink.
  • The title of the episode is a reference to the Mission: Impossible franchise  


  • Kord warns Eli about performing a fusion shot without the Enigmo's aid because it is the slug that enables a slinger to see Slug Auras that can aid him/her to make compatible fusion shots as seen in "The Return".
  • The Slugball Championship shown on the television in Rusty Buckle Cantina is the same from the episode "Slugball".




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