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Millard Milford Security Slinger!
―Milford introduces himself[src]

Millard Milford is a Security Slinger at Caverna Mall. Milford makes his debut appearance in Dawn of the Slug. Besides his debut appearance, he makes four other appearances in the episodes The Gentleman and the Thief, The Journey Home, Back to Blakk and Ghoul from Beyond.


Known as one of the best and most dedicated in security slinger circles, there is no rule that Millard Milford won’t risk his life to uphold, and no store that he won’t protect to his last breath…whether it’s really called for or not.


Millard Milford made his debut appearance Dawn of the Slug after all the people in Caverna Mall had been zombifed by Mr. Saturday he teamed up with the Shane Gang to put an end to Mr. Saturday rain of terror.

He briefly appeared in The Gentleman and the Thief when Dana Por had stole his blaster and tubes. He made another appearance in The Journey Home when the Slugs try to escape from Locke and Lode they hid in a lady's purse but when they grab the wrong purse, Millard attempts to arrest them for their crime but Locke and Load trap him using a Jellyish.

He appears again in Back to Blakk, where he along with other security slingers reinforce the Shane Gang and Stalagmite 17 security guards from Locke and Lode and Dr. Blakk's henchmen from freeing Dr. Blakk.

He reappears in Ghoul From Beyond when Boss Ember and The Scrap Force took over Caverna Mall, and tied up Milford along with other slingers but thanks to Eli Shane, Trixie and Kord Zane visits the mall at the same time and clashes with Ember. While, Kord, Eli and Trixie engage in a fire fight with Boss Ember and his team Pronto takes a selfie with Milford and gives him an autograph on his head. After, The Scrap Force are defeated by the gang Millard takes them into custody.




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