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Megamorphs are slugs that can transform at 200 MPH, first seen in "Upgrade" when Eli was riding his Mecha Beast, Lucky.


Megamorphing is when a slug can hit 200mph, and can handle the intense speeds, which not only results in making the slug faster, but also stronger.

The first known megamorph happened to Burpy, Eli's Infurnus, evolving his power and changing his appearance slightly. This happened when Eli Shane shot Burpy while using Mecha upgrades that enabled travel at 100 MPH. As a result, Eli's blaster shot out a slug that had already reached sufficient velocity, causing the speeds to stack up and consequently transform Burpy into a megamorph.

Slugs that megamorph stay in their megamorph form even when shot at normal speeds. The power of the megamorphs seem to exceed that of Fusion Shots. Red Hook has created a blaster modification (Accelerators) that allows blasters to shoot megamorphs without the need of a Mecha to take the shooter to 100 MPH.

It has been shown that certain Slugs can not megamorph yet if they're not experienced enough, for example Stunts who has not been slung as much as Eli's favorite slugs was not used to the speed and thrown off, until Slugterra: Eastern Caverns when he megamorphs.

Seen Morphs


Ghoul Slugs


  • As explained by Kord, hitting 200mph will evolve the Slugs to an even more powerful state.
  • Some megamorphs might be more powerful than a Fusion Shot.
    • So far the first and only megamorph to defeat a fusion was a megamorph ghoul (an Aquafreak).
  • Only the most experienced Slugs can megamorph.
  • A megamorphed Rammstone is seen in Slugs and Downtime.
  • A megamorphed Rammstone can be seen in The Thrill of the Game at the end.
  • Boss Ember fired a megamorphed Armashelt that couldn't handle the speed though it was in megamorph protoform in Ghoul from Beyond.
  • It seems that all slugs can megamorph with training as seen in Return of the Elementals.
  • Burpy was the first slug shoot out of a blaster without an accelerator to mega morph.
  • In Slugterra: Ghoul from Beyond, when the Marauders reveal to have megamorphs, 1 of the first 3 ghouls fired was a Smugglet, but it didn't appear to be a megamorph.
  • Megamorph slugs goes through a permanent change as their protoform body becomes more Aerodynamic in look and shape.


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