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Mario Bravado was a professional trickshot Slugslinger turned Resturant Worker.


Mario Bravado is the greatest trick-shot slinger the 99 caverns have ever seen. For reasons unknown, he retired from slugslinging at the peak of his fame and became the creator of Ricochet Pizza.


Mario is known to be the best trickshot Slugslinger ever. In the Mario Bravado episode he teaches Eli Shane how to do good trickshots. His only shown Slug is a Speedstinger.


Mario was at the top of his game and even had his own show. But when Dr. Blakk attempted to recruit him, Bravado refused and insulted Blakk. He was challenged with his Slugslinging career on the line.

Blakk defeated him using a Nightgeist but also due to Mario's cockiness. With his career gone, he and his Speedstinger Slug opened a pizzeria called Ricochet Pizza. Though retired, Mario used trickshots to create pizzas, being able to make a pizza in less than a minute with one well-aimed shot of Ricochet.

He would be later enlisted by Eli for help to land an impossible trickshot to free Pronto and other innocent prisoners. Though hostile at first, he bargained with Eli, Burpy, and Stunts over many pizzas. He agreed to train Shane by teaching him to make pizzas in a single shot of Stunts, while filling out phone orders for pizzas.

Throughout the training, Eli was able to convince Mario to come out retirement due to Blakk not "holding up his end of the bargain". Mario took up his blaster but still told Eli that he wouldn't be the one to make the shot. When Eli and Mario rendezvoused with Kord and Trixie, they discovered the prisoners were already being transported. They pursued the SlugTerran Express and after a brief battle with the guards, Eli and Mario performed successful trickshots that freed the prisoners, took down the guards, and saved Pronto from falling into a ravine of razor sharp spikes.

They were later seen at the pizzeria where Eli offered Mario a spot on the Shane Gang. He declined but hinted at once again taking up his blaster once all the fighting was over.




  • Mario once had his own T.V. show.
  • He had to quit Slugslinging due to losing a duel with Dr. Blakk.
  • He now owns a pizza place with his Speedstinger.
  • He has a cameo appearance in "The Gentleman and the Thief" as one of the people Dana stole things from.


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