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This is a list of all of Slugterra's Slugisodes. So far 80 slugisodes have aired.

Series Overview

Season Episodes Originally aired
Premiere Finale
1 39 October 15th, 2012 2014
2 17 March 24th, 2014 May 15th, 2015
3 15 May 29th, 2015 April 26th, 2016
4 9 August 24th, 2016 Sept. 17th, 2016

Season 1

Series # Season # Title Original Air Date

01 01 "Slugslinging 101" October 15, 2012
A little talk about the basics of slugslinging.
02 02 "Blasters and You" October 17, 2012
What the basics of slugslinging blasters are.
03 03 "How To Catch Slugs!" September 30, 2012
Trixie & Pronto explain how to catch wild slugs.
04 04 "Our Friend The Slug" December 21, 2012
Trixie does a little intro on Slugs
05 05 "Care and Feeding of Slugs!" September 30, 2012
A little talk on slugs' care
06 06 "Slug Retrieval" September 30, 2012
A little talk on getting back slugs
07 07 "Know Your Ghouls!" February 1, 2013
Trixie with some very important info about ghouled slugs
08 08 "Choosing Slugs" April 5, 2013
A little talk on some tips for choosing Slugs
09 09 "Dr. Blakk: The Untold Story" 2012
A little backstory on SlugTerra's own Dr. Blakk
10 10 "Trading Slugs" July 11, 2013
A little talk on trading Slugs
11 11 "The Underworld Beneath Your Feet" July 23, 2013
A little talk on the Deep Caverns
12 12 "Getting Around in Slugterra" August 7, 2013
A little talk on traveling around SlugTerra
13 13 "The Right Slug for the Right Job" September 16, 2013
How a smart slinger would duel.
14 14 "A Brief History of Slugslinging" September 16, 2013
A look back on the early days of slugslinging.
15 15 "Know Your Slugs: Tazerlings" September 27, 2013
A little talk about the Tazerling
16 16 "Pack Your Slugs!" 2013
Trixie talks about traveling with slugs in hand.
17 17 "Know Your Slugs: Arachnet!" 2013
A little talk about the Arachnet
18 18 "Know Your Slugs: Armashelt!" 2013
A little talk about the Armashelt
19 19 "Slugs In The Wild" 2013
Trixie talks Wild Slugs
20 20 "Fighting With Floppers" 2013
A little talk about Flopper
21 21 "Know Your Slugs: Be Creative" 2013
Eli talks about how some Slugs can useful in & out of battle, even if it seems as though they aren't so useful in battle at all.
22 22 "Know Your Slugs: Aquabeek" 2013
A little talk about the AquaBeek
23 23 "Burpy in: Load 'Em Up!" 2013
Burpy's trying to round up Joules, Chiller & Rocky before Eli's next mission, but has a little trouble along the way.
24 24 "Know Your Slugs: Vinedrill" 2013
A little talk about the Vinedrill
25 25 "Know Your Slugs: Xmitter" 2013
A little talk about the Xmitter
26 26 "Spinner and Chiller in: Slug Shell Shocked" 2013
Spinner & Chiller fight for a Slug Tube.
27 27 "Burpy and Chiller in: Chill Time!" 2013
Burpy tries to settle down for peace & quiet, but Chiller's constant sneezing & headcolds, makes doing that very hard, as they continue to irk the little guy.
28 28 "The Adventures of Young Pronto Geronimole: The Rescue of Baby Windsor" 2013
Pronto embarks on a quest to rescue a lost "baby" from the peak of a snowy mountain.
29 29 "The Adventures of Young Pronto Geronimole: The Quest for the Golden Chalice" 2013
Young Pronto is sent to recover a priceless Molenoid relic.
30 30 "The Adventures of Young Pronto Geronimole: That Day on the Road to Low Rise Cavern" 2013
As Pronto tells it, this was his most heroic adventure. As you watch it, you may have a different opinion!
31 31 "Spinner in: Tangled Web" 2013
Spinner's sleep-walking/sleep-eating habits ends up saving the day when Locke and Lode tries to rob the team blind.
32 32 "Slugs and Downtime" 2013
A little short flick about what slugs do in their downtime.
33 33 "Fun Facts About Slugs" 2013
Trixie goes over a few things about Slug
34 34 "Stunts in: Slugs and Stripes" 2013
Stunts prepares to do a new stunt, but will it go as planned?
35 35 "A User's Guide to Transforming Mecha Beasts" 2013
Kord talks Mecha-Beasts
36 36 "Burpy in: Mall Madness" 2013
Burpy, Joules, Banger, & Spinner all plan a trip to the mall to surprise their slinger with a present.
37 37 "Eat My Stank: The Physiology of the Flatulorhinkus" 2013
Pronto, (with some help from Trixie) talks about Flatulorhinkus Slug
39 38 "Buzzsaw in: Going to the Frientist" 2013
This is about what to do when your Slug gets a broken tooth, since there's no dentist for Slugs.
39 39 "A High-Speed Guide to Megamorph Acceleration" 2014
Trixie does a Brief explanation of how to Mega-morph accelerations.

Season 2

Series # Season # Title Original Air Date

40 01 "Burpy and Friends Take a Dive" March 24, 2014
The slugs, (mainly Burpy, Chiller & Mo), challenge each other to a diving contest. Find out who takes home the trophy & who ends up all wet!
41 02 "Noodle Strikes Back!" September 16, 2014
Eli's Flopper slug finds something special... but can Noodle protect it from the other slugs?
42 03 "Bad Housekeeping" October 31, 2014
A slug snack makes a mess on the hideout floor!
43 04 "Box Party" November 14, 2014
Even something as simple as an empty box can be a challenge to an unwary slug!
44 05 "Spooker!" November 28, 2014
Spooker is one spooky slug! But not all slugs like a scare.
45 06 "Nothin' But a Slughound" December 12, 2014
A hungry slughound bites off more than it can chew when it crashes the slugs’ siesta.
46 07 "Slug Selfies" December 26, 2014
You think YOU'RE a photobomber? Just watch the snap-happy slugs when they get ahold of Trixie's camera!
47 08 "Fly, Fly Again" January 9, 2015
Junjie's Infurnus slug Joo-Joo attempts to teach some of Eli's slugs the ways of the Eastern Caverns.
48 09 "Chow Time" January 23, 2015
Bugsy learns a (very) little bit about table manners.
49 10 "Bee Cool, Dude" February 6, 2015
There are many way to catch a bee...just don't use Noodle's method!
50 11 "Wake Up Time" February 20, 2015
Some mornings it’s better just to stay in bed!
51 12 "Hiccup!" March 6, 2015
Bugsy thinks Suds' hiccups are hilarious...until he finds out they can be catching!
52 13 "BOO!" March 20, 2015
Whether they're in battle or pulling a prank, Frightgeists can scare even the bravest slugs! But they can also be scared in return.
53 14 "Smile!" April 3, 2015
Junjie's slugs from Eastern Caverns take their training very seriously, so it's a challenge to get even a smile out of them during their routine. But Suds is up to the challenge!
54 15 "Slug Sandwich" April 17, 2015
All Stinky wants is a sandwich, but he'll settle for anything that looks like food. But soon EVERYTHING starts to look like food!
55 16 "Snooze or Lose" May 1, 2015
Some slugs do even more annoying things than snoring when they sleep. And if Mo doesn't find a way to stop them soon, it's no shut-eye for him!
56 17 "Pass the Gas" May 15, 2015
Who can take on Stinky in a stinky showdown?

Season 3

Series # Season # Title Original Air Date

57 01 "Joo-Joo in: Food Fight!" May 29, 2015
Sometimes, a slug has to fight for its food. Just hope the food doesn't fight back!
58 02 "The Good, The Bad, and The Larry" June 12, 2015
When Noodle gets stuck in some Jellyish goop, the other slugs panic...except for Larry.
59 03 "Goober's Blowback" June 26, 2015
Any goo is good goo to Goober. But this time, Goober gets more than he bargained for!
60 04 "Know Your Slugs: Armashelt (EXTREME Edition)" July 24, 2015
We know how much you love Banger, so we're bringing you even more of this tough little guy in the EXTREME Edition of Know Your Slugs: Armashelt!
61 05 "Know Your Slugs: Tazerlings (EXTREME Edition) - Part 1" August 7, 2015
Get re-acquainted with the most electrifying slug of them all in this Extreme Edition of Know Your Slugs: Tazerling!
62 06 "Know Your Slugs: Tazerlings (EXTREME Edition) - Part 2" August 21, 2015
Get re-acquainted with the most electrifying slug of them all in Part 2 of this Extreme Edition of Know Your Slugs: Tazerling!
63 07 "Slug Fu & You!" September 4, 2015
Slug Fu is a skill only the greatest slugslingers can master! Do you have what it takes?
64 08 "Let Sleeping Prontos Lie" February 14, 2016
While Pronto takes a nap, Burpy tries to steal his sandwich.
65 09 "Larry, Stinky & Mo" February 21, 2016
Larry, Stinky & Mo travel through the slug tunnels from Serenity Cavern until they catch up the Shane Gang, who are riding towards Heaven's Pillar Cavern.
66 10 "Washed Up!" February 28, 2016
While Kord is taking a nap, a Jellyish and Arachnet are playing around but accidentally make Kord's mecha dirty and need to clean it before Kord notices.
67 11 "Picnic Problems!" March 22, 2016
A Lavalynx and Jellyish try to have a picnic but a Dino Rat keeps stealing their food.
68 12 "Spitting Image!" March 29, 2016
Burpy tries to show off his skills but a Frostcrawler keeps on mimicking him.
69 13 "Rookie In: Somebody's Watching Me" April 12, 2016
Rookie tries to relax but Trixie keeps on following him.
70 14 "Be a Fan of the Fandango!" April 19, 2016
Trixie talks about Fandango slugs and their ghouled counterpart.
71 15 "Megamorphs, Guardians, and Elementals!" April 26, 2016
Trixie talks about the differences between Megamorphs, Guardian Slugs and The Elementals.

Season 4

Series # Season # Title Original Air Date Production Code

72 01 "Slugs and Spares!" August 24, 2016 401
Rookie goes up against some ghoulish opponents in a game of slug-sized bowling!
73 02 "Photo Finished!" August 24, 2016 403
A nice group photo is easier said than done when Goober’s involved!
74 03 "Slug Rally 5000!" August 24, 2016 404
Can slow and steady win a slug race?
75 04 "Comin’ Achoo!" August 24, 2016 405
Slug sneezes are a contagious force to be reckoned with!
76 05 "Trick or Cheat!" August 24, 2016 406
When slugs have a sweet tooth, they’ll do anything they can to claim the last candy!
77 06 "Slug Cappella!" August 24, 2016 408
The sweet sounds of slug life!
78 07 "Swashbuckling Slugs!" August 24, 2016 409
Two hungry slugs. One chunk of slug food left. Let the duel begin!
79 08 "Flopper Party!" September 10, 2016 402
There’s more than meets the eye to any slug... even Floppers!
80 09 "On Thin Ice!" September 17, 2016 407
An ice rink is just what you need to cool off on a hot day... unless you’re Pronto.

Slugisode Stills

Slugisodes Listing
Season 1 "Slugslinging 101" · "Blasters and You" · "How To Catch Slugs!" · "Our Friend The Slug" · "Care and Feeding of Slugs!" · "Slug Retrieval" · "Know Your Ghouls!" · "Choosing Slugs" · "Dr. Blakk: The Untold Story" · "Trading Slugs" · "The Underworld Beneath Your Feet" · "Getting Around in Slugterra" · "The Right Slug for the Right Job" · "A Brief History of Slugslinging" · "KYS: Tazerlings" · "Pack Your Slugs!" · "KYS: Arachnet!" · "KYS: Armashelt!" · "Slugs In The Wild" · "Fighting With Floppers" · "KYS: Be Creative" · "KYS: Aquabeek" · "Burpy in: Load 'Em Up!" · "KYS: Vinedrill" · "KYS: Xmitter" · "Spinner and Chiller in: Slug Shell Shocked" · "Burpy and Chiller in: Chill Time!" · "AYPG: The Rescue of Baby Windsor" · "AYPG: The Quest for the Golden Chalice" · "AYPG: That Day on the Road to Low Rise Cavern" · "Spinner in: Tangled Web" · "Slugs and Downtime" · "Fun Facts About Slugs" · "Stunts in: Slugs and Stripes" · "A User's Guide to Transforming Mecha Beasts" · "Burpy in: Mall Madness" · "Eat My Stank: The Physiology of the Flatulorhinkus" · "Buzzsaw in: Going to the Frientist" · A High-Speed Guide to Megamorph Acceleration"
Season 2 "Burpy and Friends Take a Dive" · "Noodle Strikes Back!" · "Bad Housekeeping" · "Box Party" · "Spooker!" · "Nothin' But a Slughound" · "Slug Selfies" · "Fly, Fly Again" · "Chow Time" · "Bee Cool, Dude" · "Wake Up Time" · "Hiccup!" · "BOO!" · "Smile!" · "Slug Sandwich" · "Snooze or Lose" · "Pass the Gas"
Season 3 "Joo-Joo in: Food Fight!" · "The Good, The Bad, and The Larry" · "Goober's Blowback" · "KYS: Armashelt (EXTREME)" · "KYS: Tazerlings (EXTREME) - Part 1" · "KYS: Tazerlings (EXTREME) - Part 2" · "Slug Fu & You!" · "Let Sleeping Prontos Lie" · "Larry, Stinky & Mo" · "Washed Up!" · "Picnic Problems!" · "Spitting Image!" · "Rookie In: Somebody's Watching Me" · "Be a Fan of the Fandango!" · "Megamorphs, Guardians, and Elementals!"
Season 4 "Slugs and Spares!" · "Photo Finished!" · "Slug Rally 5000!" · "Comin’ Achoo!" · "Trick or Cheat!" · "Slug Cappella!" · "Swashbuckling Slugs!"  · "Flopper Party!" · "On Thin Ice!"
Season 4 "SOTS: Joules Vs. Bludgeon Battle"