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Light as Day is the thirty-ninth episode of Slugterra.


Dr. Blakk has succeeded in creating a gap in the magical slug-energy barrier that protects Slugterra, opening the way for the evil Darkbane to tunnel their way up from the Deep Caverns. Eli and the Shane Gang must stop this at any cost. Now armed with a selection of upgraded slugs, blasters and armor, they take the battle to Dr. Blakk's front door. While his team slugs it out against Dr. Blakk's minions, Eli takes on Blakk himself once and for all!


The episode opens with Blakk starting up a terraportal to transfer legions of Darkbanes to slugterra. While the portal drills on, Eli and the gang start trying out Slugs, filtering out the ones that can mega morph and those who have yet to reach that level. After all their Slugs are filtered and prepared, the gang decides to go all out with a frontline assault on Blakk's citadel. Maurice, Doctor Blakk's recon man, informs Blakk about the Shane Gang almost reaching at the citadel with some Fire Power. While his team Slugs it out against Dr. Blakk's minions, Eli takes on Blakk himself. While this is happening, Pronto is on a mission to get the shadow clan's assistance. During the battle outside, Trixie and Kord start to loose, but when Nacho damages Kord's mecha he goes berserk, abandons his blaster, and starts pummeling Nacho. Trixie then picks up Kord's blaster, managing to take down some guards. Just when they seem to be doomed, Pronto arrives with a legion of Shadow Clan members and Doc. After a short battle, the gang and the shadow clan head inside to help Eli. After Using Doc to close the terraporal, Blakk tries to drag Eli into the deep caverns with him. Eli fires Burpy in an attempt to save himself but Burpy unlocks the moove Updraft which makes him rideable. Blakk and the Darkbane then falls into the deep caverns. Later Eli heads to the drop, sealing it with Burpy. The Shane gang's celebration is cut short when Blite attacks, riding a dinosaur from the Cavern of Time.




  • This episode is the Season One finale.
  • Beeker can megamorph but Eli does not use him.
  • When Eli was calling his Slugs he didn't call Urchin, BugsyDozer, Torch, Dazer and Noodle, despite them being part of the his team.
  • During the call, Eli calls his Polero ("Splitz") another name, ("Bolo").
  • During the inside battle in Blakk's citadel, a different CGI style was used.
  • Locke and Lode are the only henchmen to assist Blakk in his final battle, Maurice's fate is unknown and the others are absent (possibly fired, arrested or still in large).
  • This episode shows how Burpy can do Updraft.
  • This episode mistakenly is conisedered the final episode of Slugterra even when the show goes on to have more seasons and even movies after this point.


Cultural References

  • The end of this episode is very similar to the ending of the Disney Pixar film "The Incredibles," in which just when it seems everything in back to normal a lesser villain burst out of the ground riding a giant monster. (Blight in place of The Underminer, and a Dino Beast from the Cavern of Time in place of the giant drill.)


  • Eli shoots Buzzsaw but Stunts is in the blaster.
  • In the final scene, Trixie's Shane Gang symbols are inverted.
  • When a Geoshard is being ghouled, it turns into a Dark Urchin.
  • Towards the end, Pronto’s blaster does not have the Accelerator mods.
  • When the Shadow Clan attacks Blakk's citadel, there is a scene where Trixie's blaster doesn't have the Accelerator mods.



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