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You dare fire at me?!
―Lian as the Dai-Fu to Eli after he fired the Fire Elemental at her[src]

Lian  (also known as the Dai Fu which is Pronounced die - fu) is a former villain and tritagonist character who debuted in the Slugterra: Eastern Caverns movie. She is a Slug Fu Master and was one of The Emperor's Underlords and Junjie's Former Slug Fu teacher.


As the Dai-Fu

The Dai-Fu is apparently the most dangerous underlord working for The Emperor (now presumably deceased). But before that, she was Slug Fu Master Lian, and she was Junjie's teacher. Not much is known still known about her past, except for the fact that she is a type of Dark Slinger, who was made using a Cryptogrif, magic and a whole lot of Slug Energy. And after the Emperor's defeat, she refuses to be helped (cured) by the Shane Gang and vanishes from the scene.

As Lian

She is apparently a kind hearted slinger who is proud of Junjie and his iron will to protect the The Eastern Caverns.





  • Junjie (Formerly)
  • The Shane Gang (because of their friendship with Junjie) (Formerly)


  • It was suspected by many fans that she was Master Shanai, but this was proven incorrect.
  • She was Junjie's Master transformed by The Emperor using a Cryptogrif that The Emperor reversed and some magic.
  • It is pronounced Die-Fu not Day-Fu.
  • Her Life Energy was used to power two Unstoppable Warriors in The Emperor Strikes Back, which took away her Dark Energy, turning her back to Lian, but she almost died after that.
  • She was revived using the unnamed Light fusion shot of a Boon Doc (Doc) and a Fandango (Charger).
  • Her name "Lian" means "lotus" in Mandarin, and it symbolizes "purity" and "search for knowledge". On the other hand, "Dai-Fu" means "evil/dark master" in Mandarin, which is mentioned by one of the Underlords in Second Chances.
  • Just like Hoshi, Shadow Clans and Shanai, Lian is able to understand Slug language as seen in The Return of the Eastern Champion when Burpy asked her about Eli's confusion in using Slug Fu to share Burpy's sight.
  • The cavern she slept and practiced using ghouls as seen in The Lady and the Sword bears a lot of similarities with Shanai's cavern Dojang Grotto in The 99 Caverns.
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As Lady Dai-Fu

As Master Lian

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