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Kord Zane is a cave troll who, with his favorite Rammstone slug, Bludgeon, is a forced to be reckoned with.


A huge cave troll (not that any of them are small!) Kord is a gear-head mechanic who fixes the team's mecha-beasts and upgrades their blasters. His favorite thing is to do is play practical jokes, usually on Pronto! He's pretty easy-going, and it's rare to see any of the typical Cave Troll Rage in Kord. This mountain of muscle has a big heart to match his giant biceps, but watch out! Kord's got a wicked slinging arm!


Kord is a fun-loving, kind hearted cave troll. Despite looking fearsome and dangerous, he has a really big heart. As a big-hearted troll, he also loves to play practical jokes and is extremely easy going. He likes to crack up jokes as well as acting whenever he tries to explain something that has to do with machines and Mechas.

As a cave troll, Kord naturally likes building machines as well as upgrading equipment, most of which are the Shane Gang's equipment. He likes to boast about his abilities as an engineer and builder, and dislikes to admit defeat if he cannot fix something. He loves making machines so much, he had stayed locked in the Shane Gang's garage as he upgraded their Mechas. Even though he loves making and building machines, he still states that he'd like to be a Slugslinger as opposed to being a full-time engineer like his other family members.

As part of the well-known Shane Gang, he is loyal to his friends and will attempt to protect them everywhere they go. He sometimes gives them affectionate nicknames, for example, Kord will call Eli "Bro" on occasions. He rarely gets mad at any of his team members, although he got frustrated when Eli kept beating him in practice. Eli even states that his father told him that no one is more loyal, honest, and brave than a Cave Troll, which sparked Eli and Kord's relationship in the first episode.

He has a somewhat stubborn attitude, as he doesn't like to admit defeat when he can't fix something. He states that he rather eat a Toxin Slug than to admit that he can't fix something. Despite his stubbornness and his occasional anger issues, he is a gentle troll who loves helping others. He is also shown to love playing Video Games (with either Trixie or Eli) on his spare time, as well as playing and/or watching Slugball, his favourite sport.

He does also have a love interest with Drucillia.


As he is a cave troll, Kord is a bulky and muscular figure that can overpower even the most heaviest objects. Kord towers over the rest of the Shane Gang and is the most physically strongest out of all of them. He has blue skin, with tattoos on his arms, dark colored eyes and has a small orange beard on his chin.

Kord wears a white shirt, accompanied with a black vest with the star that represents the Shane Gang. He wears a hat that resembles the horn of a Rhino, as well as moderately armored gloves. On his belt, there is another Shane Gang symbol. Across his chest, he has jars, where he can store Slugs when he's not currently in combat. Kord wears greyish-brown pants as well as black boots.

Kord briefly wore a green shawl in King of Sling, when he and the Shane Gang disguised themselves in order to help the King of Sling.

History and Show

Early Life

Not much known is about Kord, other than he did live with the Cave Trolls and that his family pressured him to be like them, a cave troll who builds machines and such. Eventually, he found the joy of Slugslinging and decided that he would be a Slugslinger as opposed to being like his family. It is revealed that he did dream to becoming a Security Slinger when he was young in "Dawn of the Slug". At one point in time, he met up with Grendel, a good friend of his, and worked at the Mecha Beast Factory as the lead Advance Field Tester. He would get new parts and upgrades delivered from him automatically from the Factory.

During the Show

Kord first appears where Pronto finds him as a sparring partner for Eli in Episode 1, The World Beneath Our Feet Part 1. After Eli compliments him, the troll took a liking to Eli and helps him train, as well as giving him a bunch of Floppers. He cheers on Eli in the qualifier round and congratulates him on his first victory. Kord wins his qualifier and joins Eli and the others at Scorch Sparks Cavern. Along with Eli and Trixie, the trio make their way. At one point in the tournament, he was defeated by John Bull and sadly told Eli that he was going to be clobbered by him.

He comes along with Eli when Dr. Blakk tries to convince him to join, but he is disgusted on what Blakk has done to the slug and leaves, along with the rest. Kord cheers on Eli on his final round and was delighted to see that he had the upper hand, but this happiness was short lived as Eli was quickly defeated with a Ghoul Slug that John Bull had gotten from Dr. Blakk.

Afterwards, he comforted Eli as he reminisced about his dream of Slugslinging with his father and accepted Eli's offer to become an official team together.

Time after time, he has shown to be a great engineer, even creating special vehicle upgrades for the Shane gang Mechas, leading the way to the discovery of Megamorphing.

Powers and Abilities

Kord is better than your average Slugslinger and can take out many opponents without too much effort. He seems to be skilled in it because he has taught Eli how to Slugsling first. He has a variety of heavy duty Slugs that can take out opponents quickly and swiftly.

Despite being good at Slugslinging, Kord is much better at building vehicles and machines for the Shane Gang to use. He has the capability to build complex machines in only a limited amount of time and materials. He is the one who makes sure that all the Shane Gang's equipment are up-to-date and are able to take on many of Blakk's new machines and vehicles. 

As a cave troll, Kord has no problem taking out enemies as he is usually bigger than them. Although not swift and quick as Eli or Trixie, he mostly depends on taking hits and dealing damage as soon as possible. He has the ability to punch through metal as well as bend it to his own doing and has no problem taking multiple opponents. As the slowest, yet strongest of the Gang, he helps protect the gang if they ever need help.


  • His Favourite Slugs are Bludgeon, Hop Rock and Grenuke.
  • He is very proud of his expertise in mechanical engineering.
  • In A Distant Shore it is shown that he is terrible at video games and always loses against Trixie.
  • Kord loves to play pranks on Pronto.
  • He can play Slugball really well.
  • Part of the tattoo on his right arm is taken from the logo of the company that created his design.
  • Kord has always wanted to be a Security Slinger, as stated in Dawn of the Slug, when he was younger.
  • In their first encounter, both Trixie and Burpy were afraid of Kord.
  • Enforcer Cyclone HTQ is his favorite Blaster.
  • WY-8 is his favorite Mecha Beast, nicknamed Wyatt.
  • It is revealed on Undertow, that Kord is afraid of the water. He only take one shower a year because of his fear.
  • Kord is very passionate about his Mecha, often treating it as if it were alive. One example is that when Diablos Nacho pierced it with a Dark Urchin, Kord went berserk.
  • Revealed in The Thrill of the Game, Kord has an extreme hatred/fear of smooth jazz.


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