King of Sling is the twenty-ninth episode of Sugterra.


Locke and Lode have run roughshod over a cavern and The Shane Gang aim to kick them out. But the townspeople have their own hero to clean up the town—none other than the King of Sling, a pompous Slugslinger the gang has bested on a number of occasions. There is no way he'll survive against two of Blakk's minions, but Eli can't intervene without humiliating the king! So the Shane Gang decide to work behind the scenes to make the king victorious. That is until Dr. Blakk himself arrives...


The gang gets to a distress cavern (Gateway Cavern) taken by Locke and Lode, but find out that the King of Sling has become the cavern's "protector". The gang however know the truth about him and decide to help him by pretending he is the best slinger. However this plan fails and Locke and Lode get away, returning with a strike team. After taking over the King's manor, the gang decide to help him take it back. However, soon Blakk arrives and exposes the King of Sling as a phony. The cavern inhabitants then reveal that they already know the king's stories are fake but they enjoy them as the stories make their lives interesting. The people manages to chase Blakk's henchmen away. The King of Sling defeated Dr. Blakk by trapping him with a Bubbaleone slug before he could fire his Gattler. After the manor was rebuilt, the King of Sling admits that he may not be the best slugslinger, but he is the luckiest of them all.








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