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The King of Sling is a character. His favorite slug is a Phosphoro slug who wears a miniature pair of red-tinted sun glasses.


As protector of Gateway Cavern, the King is beloved by all his people (though probably not for the reasons he thinks). A showman to the end, he likes to dazzle opponents with flashy slugs that make a big bang!


The King of Sling makes his debut in "The World Beneath Our Feet Part 2", where he goes up against Trixie in the qualifiers. He loses to her after becoming too cocky. He is seen again dueling Eli Shane in the Unbeatable Master's dojo. He was also seen in the episode focusing on him.

He is seen to compete in the winnowing at episode The Unbeatable Master. He made a Cameo appearance in Slugterra: Ghoul From Beyond, trying to defend his Home Cavern from being taken over by the Dark Slinger's Henchman & their Ghouls, as well as trying to stop them from stealing all the residential Fandango Slugs, but he was found by the Shane Gang, defeated & piled underneath broken pieces of buildings, when they spotted him and Doc healed him.



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