Keys to the Kingdom is the thirty-first episode of Slugterra.


The Shane Gang follow Diablos Nacho to Molemound — the Molenoid home cavern. Pronto doesn't want to go — and not because he's in trouble. It turns out Pronto is the rightful KING of the Molenoids. He's been ducking the crown for years since the king's main responsibility is settling arguments and fixing leaky plumbing. But Pronto must play king for a day while the Shane Gang follows Nacho into the great Molenoid library to stop him from taking a valuable map. Meanwhile, Pronto faces an unwelcome challenge for the throne by his Life! Long! Nemesis! Seedo.


The Shane Gang must travel to MoleMound to stop Diablos Nacho from getting the Mapa Mundi, a Molenoid Map that shows every secret location in all the 99 caverns.


The episode starts out with the Shane Gang in a duel against Nacho right in the middle of MoleMound. Pronto, with his bandanna over his mouth, tells Eli,Trixie, and Kord that he doesn't want to be there. Trixie tells Pronto to "Mole Up" so they can stop Nacho. The battle ensues. Several shots come extremely close to hurting innocent Molenoids. Eli tries to get the citizens of MoleMound to leave so that he and the Shane Gang can take care of Nacho. None of the Molenoids seem to hear him. Pronto explains that other Molenoids "see what they want to see," and that he is "the only one in danger." Eli blasts Nacho with an Arachnet slug. The slug ties him up in its net, which he quickly breaks out of. Nacho blasts one of his ghouls at the Shane Gang. Everyone dodges, but Pronto is hit, and knocked into the crowd. Pronto's bandanna slips off his face, and the Molenoids recognize him as their king. Eli, Trixie, and Kord all say, in perfect unison, "Pronto is their king?!"

Eli and Trixie realize that it makes sense since he "talks in the third person," and "has delusions of grandeur". Kord reminds them that they're in the middle of a duel and fires a Rammstone at Nacho, knocking out a ghoul. Eli, Trixie, and Kord immediately try to figure out why Nacho is here. They come to the conclusion that he's after the Molenoids' map of Slugterra. Nacho knocks them down into another Molenoid's house. They crawl out to find Nacho gone and Pronto being crowned king. Trixie complains that he'll be "impossible to live with." Eli replies that "at least his majesty (Pronto) doesn't refer to himself with the royal 'we'." Pronto continually refuses to take the crown, much to Kord's surprise. Eli finds that Nacho left a trail that they could follow. Pronto explains that it leads to the Repository of all Molenoid Knowledge. Pronto tells them of the Mapa Mundi, and Eli realizes that is what Blakk is after. Eli asks that Pronto command the Molenoid Army to go after Nacho. Unfortunately, the king doesn't command armies, "he serves his people paw-and-foot 25/7." The Shane Gang finds it funny at the things he has to do, like unclogging toilets, but Pronto is unamused. The King's adviser tells Pronto that his adventures are over and he must fulfill his obligations. Pronto tries to get out of it, and Eli tries to help, but the Molenoids won't let Pronto go. The adviser tells Pronto to simply draw a map to the map. Pronto quickly jots down a map for the Shane Gang then watches sadly as they leave.

The Shane Gang follows the map to a large building with a sign that reads "Ignorance is Bliss," the Molenoid Motto. They attempt to follow the map Pronto drew, but it is hard to read because Pronto drew it so quickly. They come to a large maze, and Eli wishes that Pronto was there to guide them.

Meanwhile, a line of Molenoids have come to submit their complaints to Pronto. A Molenoid who has a sock on his head is turned away because "it's Random Complaints Day," and is told that he should "come back tomorrow for Wardrobe Malfunctions." Pronto wonders if this is to be the rest of his life, "ruling over the most boring matters in SlugTerra." One Molenoid tells him he is to spend his evenings repairing stuff that needs fixing and tosses him a plunger. Pronto throws it back and shouts "I don't want to be king!" Sedo, lurking in the shadows, overhears this, and comes up with a scheme and says that Pronto will not have to worry about being king for long.

Eli finds no trace of Nacho and presumes that he must be ahead of them. Kord and Trixie wonder how he's ahead and what's guiding him. Then, Nacho appears on another ledge and the Slugout begins again. Nacho uses a Frostfang to seal them in a room with many exits. Trixie tries to figure out which exit is the right one, then Eli shows her one that has neon lighting around it and they race down it.

Meanwhile, Pronto listens to various complaints and gives dry advice to each of them. After a few, Pronto loses his temper and asks why they can't do it themselves. His adviser tells him that they're not used to thinking for themselves and then gets befuddled himself.

The rest of the Shane Gang gets to a point where they have to climb, to which Kord says it's impossible. They use Bubbaleones to float up, but then Nacho appears hovering with a Bubbalash. They duel while still hanging onto their Bubbaleones. Then, Nacho is deflected off in another direction by a Frostcrawler. They get to the top, and the door is sealed with Smolten. Eli uses his Forgesmelter to open the door and they run in and find millions of papers stacked up. Eli dryly says to "Dig in," and they begin searching.

Meanwhile, Pronto has had enough, and wants to "call the whole thing off." He throws off his crown and cape and starts to leave. The adviser tells him that he must find a volunteer first. Pronto tells him that "no one is foolish enough to volunteer," and Sedo shows up to volunteer. At this, Pronto decides not to quit. Sedo asks who he is, and Pronto reminds him of the Slug Run. But,Sedo claims not to remember. Pronto then boasts of his status as king. Sedo claims that he would make a better king while using the royal we. Sedo then challenges Pronto for the Kingdom. Pronto accepts the challenge. It's Slugs at 5 paces.

The Challenge begins with them choosing between two blasters, a clean new one and a dingy broken one. Pronto, who has the first pick, starts to go for the new one, but then gets into a rant about whether or not Sedo rigged it. He stupidly allows Sedo to choose first. Sedo grabs the new one. They go the five paces, but when Sedo turns around, he sees Pronto is hiding behind a plant.

Meanwhile, Eli, Trixie, and Kord still haven't found the map. Trixie finds something interesting and pockets it. Suddenly, Nacho blows down the door and comes in demanding the Mappae Mundi. Eli tells him they don't have it, but he can search with them. Behind his back, Eli pulls out a Tormato Slug and gets ready to fire. He shouts to Trixie and Kord to take cover, and fires the Slug.

At the same time, Sedo is aiming at the plant Pronto is hiding behind and tells him "To come out and face him like a mole!" Pronto attempts to load a Slug into the broken blaster and succeeds just as Sedo fires a Frostcrawler his way, destroying the plant. Pronto stands up and aims saying that he will "Smite you (Sedo) with his (Pronto's) kingly might." Pronto then fires a Thresher Slug, which proceeds to cut off Sedo's pants. Sedo quickly uses his paw to cover his underwear, and shoots another Thresher Pronto's way. The Thresher cuts off Pronto's pants leaving both of them in their blue briefs. Pronto quickly runs away from Sedo and manages to get up some stairs.

Back at the Repository, the Tormato blows the Mappae Mundi into Kord's face. Eli notices that it's the correct map and makes a break for it. Nacho tosses an Amperling Eli's way, and it electrocutes him before he can get ahold of the map. The fall knocks Joules off of Eli's bandoleer, and his Slug Barrel rolls away. Eli quickly reaches for the map, but Nacho is standing over him. Nacho fires a Briardrill, which captures Kord and Trixie. Kord tells Eli to run as Nacho begins firing again.

Pronto stops and aims at Sedo telling him to surrender. Sedo tells him that he "does not know the meaning of the word." Pronto quips back saying he will "Work to improve the schools," and fires a Slyren. Sedo also fires a Slyren, and they both fall asleep from them.

Nacho demands that Eli give him the map. Eli refuses, prompting Nacho to threaten Joules's life if he does not comply. Eli hands over a sheet of paper and Nacho hands over Joules. Nacho leaves and Eli uses Buzzsaw to free Trixie and Kord. Once outside, Nacho fires a Greneater, and the whole building starts coming down.

Sedo wakes up from his Slyren-induced Slumber, and Pronto does as well. When he pops up, Pronto's belly jiggles a little. Sedo shudders at the sight. Pronto fires a Speedstinger, knocking the blaster out of Sedo's paw. Pronto quickly runs up and pokes his blaster, which is loaded with his Flatulorhinkus,Stinky, up Sedo's nose. Sedo asks if Pronto would really blast an unarmed mole. Pronto tells Sedo to say his (Pronto's) name, or "smell the consequences." Sedo says that Pronto's name is toast and stomps Pronto's foot. Pronto jumps around in pain, and accidently goes off the ledge. He quickly grabs onto the ledge and hold on tight. Sedo reminds Pronto that he put him in the red with Blakk and stomps Pronto's paw, leaving him only one hanging on. Pronto admits that that was him, but Sedo says that it would be someone "more imposing." Sedo flicks off several of Pronto's fingers, and Pronto quits in order to save himself from falling. Sedo flicks off the final finger anyway, and Pronto drops only a few feet, while still screaming. Pronto notices that he's just on the lower ledge and hangs his head in embarrassment.

At the same time, Eli, Trixie, and Kord have just barely escaped the crumbling building. Trixie points out that the sum-total of Molenoid Knowledge has been lost. Kord is just sad that Nacho got the map. Eli pulls out the real map and says he pulled a bait-and-switch, to which Burpy giggles.

Sedo is crowned king, while Pronto sits on the steps in shame. Sedo tells Pronto that he hopes that the Shane Gang beats Nacho to the map, so that he can give the map to Dr. Blakk. Pronto, surprisingly, can't believe what Sedo just said and says that he "unquits." Sedo tells him "no takebacks." Pronto holds up his crossed fingers and says that they were crossed when he quit. Sedo quickly throws him down the stairs and walks down them himself. When Pronto comes to, Sedo is aiming at him with the good blaster, and, using the royal we, tells the Molenoid audience that he is going to "whack" Pronto. Just before he can fire off his shot, the Shane Gang rides in and tells the Molenoids that their history is history. The Molenoids really don't care that much. Sedo, who was distracted by this, notices his blaster missing. Pronto sticks it up Sedo's nose and blasts it. Sedo ducks in time, and the Flatulorhinkus flies off. Sedo starts laughing at Pronto while the Slug bounces off the walls and goes right in Sedo's open mouth, knocking him unconscious. Pronto takes back his crown. Eli tells him that the Mappae Mundi holds "dangerous secrets," and it must be destroyed. Pronto asks the adviser if he can do that. Trixie holds out the paper that she pocketed earlier and says he can. Turns out, it's the final chapter of the Book of MoleMound, the law book of the Molenoids. Pronto has Burpy set the map ablaze, and then asks if he can leave with the Shane Gang. The adviser says that he must appoint a proxy in his place. So, Pronto dumps all the work on Sedo and reserves all the lawmaking and interpreting to himself. Sedo wants to shout in anger, but cannot remember Pronto's name.

The Shane Gang rides back from Molemound victorious, but Eli is worried. The Mapa Mundi showed the location of the Drop and wonders if Blakk is trying to reach the Surface. Kord assures him that without the map, Blakk isn't going anywhere. Trixie wonders what Eli gave Nacho if they had the real map.

Meanwhile, Nacho is feeling pretty good about himself, but when he looks at his "map", he sees that it's merely a crudely drawn joke picture of himself eating nachos. Nacho screams in anger and the episode ends.




  • When Pronto spreads his fingers out as he says "slugs at 5 phrases", he only shows 4 fingers due to his design.


  • Sedo returns after his first appearance in "The Slug Run" and Pronto mentions about how he "humiliate" Sedo from the same episode.


  • In several frames during the fight between Pronto and Sedo, Sedo is wearing pants even though they were torn to shreds by a Thresher Slug.
  • Lode doesn't appear in this episode, but his name is seen in the credits.



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