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Junjie, formerly known as the Dark Slinger, is the protagonist of the second and third season and a new ally of the Shane Gang, who made his first appearance as the main antagonist in Slugterra: Ghoul from Beyond.

Junjie's has his own Infurnus named Joo-Joo.


Junjie grew up in the distant Eastern Caverns, an isolated region completely unknown to the 99 caverns that Eli protects. Junjei trained day and night, and prepared to become the Protector of his caverns. Like Eli, Junjie inherited the role of protector when he came of age. For centuries, his ancestors had used the ancient slugslinging art of Slug Fu to keep the Eastern Caverns safe. But one day, a threat came that even Slug Fu could not stop: an evil slug known as the Goon allied with the sinister Emperor. The Emperor defeated Junjei. Using the Goon, the Emperor twisted Junjei into a wretched human, and he was called during the period of his corrution the Dark Slinger. He served the Emperor for twenty years as the Dark Slinger, and wreaked havoc upon the Eastern Caverns. He helped the Emperor in gaining as many slugs as possible, so that the Emperor may sue them for his sinister plot. The Goon then sent Junjei on a mission to enter the 99 Caverns, and find their champion - Eli. He opened a terraportal using the energy of the Fandango, and entered the 99 Caverns. The Goon then ceased controlling Junjei and corrupted Eli, and twisted him into his loyal servant, but the Shane Gang cured him using Doc. Junjei then helped the Shane Gang to fight the Goon, Blakk and the evil forces from the Deep Caverns. Then, Jun entered into a portal that led to the Eastern Caverns, and fought the Emperor. The Eastern Champion returned to save the Eastern Caverns, and defeat the Emperor, and he did. After returning harmony and peace to the Eastern Caverns, he remained there as The Eastern Champion of the time, and continued to defend his caverns.


  1. Slugterra: Ghoul from Beyond as Dark Slinger -
    Junjie first debuted as The Dark Slinger, an evil slinger who came from The Eastern Caverns and wanted to conquer The 99 Caverns. But it's revealed that he was once the protector of the Eastern Caverns, but after his encounter with the evil Goon Doc, the Goon would use him to conquer the caverns he once protected. However the Goon's plot would be foiled and Junjie would be freed from his curse.
  2. Slugterra: Return of the Elementals -
    The newly freed Junjie is eager to repay the Shane Gang, so when their slugs start turning into ghouls, he and the gang go on the search to find the Ancient Elemental Slugs before an evil alliance who has their sights set on using them to destroy The 99 Caverns do. But Pronto, Kord and Trixie have their doubts about Junjie.
  3. Slugterra: Slug Fu Showdown -

    After realizing that the Elemental Slugs are too eager, wild and reckless for him and Eli to control, Junjie determines that with the help of Slug Fu and Eli's special bond with slugs, Eli could learn to control them. So Eli and Junjie set out to train alone, but they find an unexpected new evil plan to foil on the way.
  4. Slugterra: Eastern Caverns -
    Eli] and the Gang accompany Junjie to his home in the strange and beautiful Eastern Caverns, but once they arrive they realize the caverns aren't the way Junjie remembers and that they've turned dark. But Junjie is determined to rescue the slugs, save his homeland, and redeem the legacy he left behind.
  5. Second Chances -
    Even after defeating The Emperor, Junjie struggles with his Dark Slinger history and doesn't know if he could ever be forgiven, but after meeting a former follower of the Emperor who wants to change their own life, Junjie learns people can change and forgives himself.
  6. Get Pronto
  7. Stuff of Legend -
    While taking a short break, Eli and Junjie challenge each other to see who's better at Slug Fu and slugslinging, now that Eli's skills have greatly improved. But in a near by mine, a legendary monster known as the Pyritor is attacking and the gang decides to check it out & help, but Junjie is skeptical about the monster's existence and its history in the caverns.
  8. Eastern Tech
  9. Slug Day
  10. The Fall of the Eastern Champion
  11. The Lady and the Sword
  12. The Emperor Strikes Back
  13. The Return of the Eastern Champion



As a Dark Servant (Formerly)



  • Junjie is a master of the mysterious art of Slug Fu.
    • Slug Fu is actually derived from "Sky Fu" in Storm Hawks and Chinese Kung Fu.
    • Slug Fu is used to synchronize a slinger and a slug/ghoul and let the slingers control the slug/ghoul and guide them in any direction of their choosing.
    • Slug Fu is also capable of stopping a slug/ghoul while in velocity.
  • His blasters are similar to Dana's and Stocker's blasters.
  • He mentioned he had been riding on Joo-Joo since he was 5 years old.
  • He can speak Shadow Clan.
  • In A Distant Shore when Burpy is slung, Gar Revelle mentions that only one person has such a specimen, but in Ghoul from Beyond Junjie debuts with an Infurnus of his own.
    • This is because Gar has never seen The Eastern Caverns before.
  • Although Junjie might come off as the most experienced slinger in the Shane Gang and knows Slug Fu, making him one of the greatest slingers in history, he had never heard of or seen the Darkbane before the events in Return of the Elementals.
  • As interesting as it is, Junjie seems to know how to speak Mandarin, as he was shouting orders to his Slugs (when dueling Eli in the earlier part of Return of the Elementals) in what sounded like Mandarin. But actually, he was speaking Cantonese.
  • Junjie so far appears in one slugisode Smile! however does not speak.
  • His Mecha Beast is an LK-E model like Eli's, but blue.
  • In Slugterra: Eastern Caverns, even though he isn't the "Dark Slinger", the Emperor still kept on calling him that. The Emperor only used Junjie's real name once.
  • His name "Junjie" means "handsome hero" in Mandarin.
  • When disguised himself as an Underlord in Slugterra: Eastern Caverns, Eli gave the alias "Underlord Junebug" to Junjie. Junebug is a beetle found in North America.
  • Junjie is technically (at least) 35 years old. Assuming that he was 15 when he became the Easteren Champion, and then he spent 20 years as the Dark Slinger.


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