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It Comes by Night is the thirty-fourth episode of Slugterra.


A mysterious creature is draining the energy from all the slugs in a distant cavern, and the residents are offering a rich reward to whoever can stop it. Mercenaries come out of the woodwork hoping for the prize, but the Shane Gang aim to stop it for free. That's what they do. It turns out this creature is more dangerous than anyone could imagine, and one by one, the hunters are taken out of the game—leaving only Eli and the reviled STOCKER remaining. The two forge an uneasy alliance, but can a mercenary like Stocker really be trusted?


The episode starts with Brodie, a Friend of Trixie's, telling everyone to shut their windows and doors and to secure their slugs. Meanwhile in the countryside, a little girl called Trini playing with her Hoverbug, Flutter. Her mum tells her its time to go to bed. Reluctantly, she agrees and she says goodnight to Flutter and leaves, turning on the protection. Then the High Plains Monster attacks Flutter and the rest. Trini sees the attack and flees, leaving her torch on.

The Shane Gang ride in the next morning to see what's happening. The town folk hold a meeting (With a flopper and a hop rock arguing). The mayor offers 2000 Gold to the slinger who catches the High Plains Monster, though Stocker said 5000 gold. Later Fire, Frost, The Power Trips, The Shane Gang and Stocker are out hunting. The trips fall first. Then Flame and Trixie go lights out. Then Kord, Pronto and Frost are attacked. Then Eli is told by the Shadow Clan that shadow and light must be in balance or all is destroyed. He also said that that barrier has been broken. One of them tells Eli through the Guardian Gate is the Darkbane who are trying to destroy Slugterra and take it as theirs. He and Stocker then pair up and with the help of the town's Phosphoro's and Burpy and Glimmer's Supernova, The High Plains Monster is destroyed.

Later it is mentioned that Stocker refused to take his reward because " He didn't want to be reminded that he did a good thing." as said by Eli.




  • When Kord explains the motion detector mod for his blaster to Eli, he says it'll pick up anything bigger than a Molenoid. Then, looking at the screen, there are five red dots: Fire, Ice, Stocker, Trixie, and Pronto. But Pronto is the size of a Molenoid, not bigger. If anything, he is smaller.
  • Apparently, this episode is the first episode that reveals the location of a Molenoid's heart prior to the later episode "Get Pronto". When blue-white orbs of Slug Energy return to their owners through their hearts, Pronto, on the other hand, is returned through his bum (hinting that his heart is in his bum, not in his chest).



  • In one scene Eli is talking with the Shadow Clan without the Shadow Talker.
  • After Fire was incapacitated by the High Plains Monster, he was hanging on a tree. Later, he was seen in the bunker where the Shane Gang, Ice and Gerhard Stocker took shelter of. However, when the High Plains Monster was defeated, he was seen outside, close to the Power Triplets.



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