Inheritance is the seventeenth episode of Slugterra.


A thief breaks into the Shane Gang HQ looking for the fabled "Shane Treasure" β€” a portion of which she believes belongs to her. The thief escapes with nothing, but Eli does manage to find a treasure chest. To unlock it, the thief and the gang will need to travel to a remote, dangerous cavern to find a special slug. The journey is fraught with peril, and when they finally open the box, what's inside is not at all what they were expecting...


Danna Por, the daughter of Will Shane's old partner, Tom Por comes looking for treasure that she believes Will had hid from her father. She searches the hideout at night for the treasure, but Eli and the Slugs spot her. After a quick scuffle she mentions a hidden treasure and leaves. The gang enthusiastically search for the treasure in the hideout when Eli finds a safe behind a photo frame. The safe holds a chest encased in a layer of molten magma. Only the Forgesmelter can melt the chest. The gang search for the Forgesmelter in Magma Caverns. Danna Por gets to the nest before them and scares off the Forgesmelters leaving only one. She reveals that Will Shane had told her father of a treasure and promised to split it with him, but her father was ultimately betrayed. Eli offers to share the treasure with her, and they open the chest to find it is only filled with everyday objects. Danna finds a device and wears it thus, summoning the Shadow Clan. The gang escapes while Eli tries to lead the shadow clan away. When he reaches a dead end, Burpy asks Eli to wear the device allowing him to communicate with the Shadow Clan. The Shadow Clan's leader tells him he is not ready to handle the device's full power but allows him to keep it until he can handle it. Eli tells the gang about the communicator. Danna disappears with a second device she'd taken from the chest.




Created By:
Asaph Fipke

Series Director:
Johnny Darrell

Barry Karnowski

Elie Klimos
Jean Lacombe

Written By:
Todd Garfield

Story Editor:
Rob Hoegee


Storm Hawks - Aerrow

Aerrow from Storm Hawks

  • It seems Aerrow from Storm Hawks made an appearance in this episode as an action figure.


  • The portrait of Will Shane and the young Eli Shane comes in a photo in "The New Kid Part 2".




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