We will not rest until the Emperor is defeated and the slugs are returned!

Hamengku is a Cave Troll and a resident of the Eastern Caverns, in Serenity Cavern. He is also the leader of The Outlaws.


Hamengku once lived in Peach Blossom Spring Cavern and fought alongside his friend, Junjie. However, when The Emperor's threat was too great for them to handle, his once good friend would become a servant of the enemy for 20 years and Hamengku would lead a resistance on his own. So when Junjie, alongside the Shane Gang, arrives to the Eastern Caverns, he would be distrust them until they proved they weren't the enemy. Now Hamengku has befriended Junjie again in hopes of protecting their caverns once more.

In The Return of the Eastern Champion Hamengku is visited by Junjie and the Shane Gang, for them to help them defeat The Emperor once and for all and he agrees to it, he also reveals ever since The Emperor returned they have been hunting Stone Warriors, as they couldn't just do nothing.








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