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Kord Zane when Grenukes blow up on Blakk's Guards[src]

Grenuke Slugs have a green shell-like armor on its head and backside, with tan colour skin. [1]It is a Slug that looks similar to a Hop Rock, but explodes after a while. They look like a Grenade. Grenuke slugs preferred habitats are rocky plains like Quiet Lawn Cavern. It's transformed appearance, seen in Slug It Out, is a gray and green hop rock. Grenukes sleep for long periods of time on the ceilings of caverns, but will awaken and fall if they hear loud noises or other disturbances. Their power type is grenade. A Megamorph Protoform of the Slug is seen in The Lady and the Sword, Slugterra: Into the Shadows and the Slugisode "The Good, The Bad, and The Larry". While its Megamorph Velocimorph debuts in Slugterra: Slug It Out! and hasn't debuted in the show.

A famous Grenuke is Sparky, who belongs to Eli Shane.

A ghouled Grenuke is called a Greneater.


  • Protoform Abilities - Shoots sparks.
  • Mushboom - Timed explosion, powerful targeted blast with a mushroom cloud.
  • Nuklock - Can grab and hold tight to almost any surface before it explodes.
  • Spikesploder - Shoots segments from its body as it flies, segments stick to walls and explode in tandem.
  • Megamorph Abilities - Shoots grenades. 

Fusion Shots

  • Frostbomb - "Frostcrawler"+"Grenuke" - TBD. It hasn't officially debuted in the series yet.
  • GrenukeSlam: "Grenuke"+"Rammstone" - That creates a spinning disk that destroys anything in its path.


A slug that lives up to its name, the Grenuke is more grenade then slug. With moves that cause timed explosions, the Grenuke is a very useful slug, good for knocking back opponents and slugs alike. A great slug for skilled slingers with fast reflexes, the Grenuke truly lives up to its name.



  • In the episode The Slugout it is called a Grenuker instead of Grenuke.
  • In the earlier version of Battle For Slugterra, it is miscalled Banger, when it should've been called Sparky. It was corrected soon afterwards.
  • People in Quiet Lawn Cavern keep silent because they live under a colony of Grenuke Slugs, and these ones, if disturbed or scared by noises, could fall from above, activate and cause explosions. However, during the first Slugout between Eli and Billy, they do not look bothered at all by the noise of the duel and keep sleeping; instead, later, when Pronto throws a Sonic Snare, that produces a low sound, against the Slugs, many of them scream and fall to the ground, activating their power. This could mean that these Slugs hear a different range of noises from humans, like dogs or other animals can hear ultrasounds and/or infrasounds, that humans cannot hear.


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