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Goon Doc are extremely rare and powerful poison ghouls and the ghouled form of Boon Doc slugs. In battle, Goon Doc can worsen a person's health but worst of all they can ghoul slugs.

A famous Goon Doc is slug known as "The Goon", an especially evil ghoul created by The Emperor.

Another Goon Doc that has appeared in the series, but isn't as famous, is a Goon Doc Dr. Blakk uses on Master Shanai.


  • Protoform Abilities
    • Makes people feel ill when standing nearby
    • for more see "The Goon"
  • Medusi aka Leachfang - A poison attack that will slow an opponent down for a short period of time. It drains their health and worsens internal ailments.
  • Creepsleep - Poison paralysis drops opponent into a temporary coma.
  • Turncloak - Emits a ball of dark light that induces a zombie-like feral state. Slingers will begin to attack allies.
  • Ghoulgoyle - Hits an opposing slug and uses dark energy to transform them into a ghoul.
  • Darkcloak (unofficial name) - see "The Goon"


Goon Doc is an useful ghoul that has a more offensive use than his slug counterpart, Boon Doc: thanks to his Medusi attack but can act as a supporting and defensive slug, and by using Creepsleep he can make the foe vulnerable for a decent amount of time; he can also give you new ammo by using Ghoulgoyle, an useful move even for eliminating a powerful slug out of a slinger's arsenal. Turncloak is another useful move that can be used even as a projectile so, overall, Goon Doc is a great ghoul, but he has some weaknesses: the first and most obvious one is that a ghoul slug is highly unpredictable, a goon doc is also less useful against ghouls and he struggles with slugs and ghouls that can make a barrier or shoot some kind of projectiles that can hit or block the goon doc before he strikes, some examples include frostcrawlers or dirt urchins. another downside is that if your goon doc gets unghouled by a boon doc or the lightwell, he may won't want to come back to you. ( because you ghouled the poor slug, ya monster!) his ghoulgoyle move can be useful out of battle if you want to get some ghouls



  • A total of two Goon Docs have been seen in the series; One being in the possession of Dr. Blakk in the 99 Caverns and the other being "The Goon" a Boon Doc that originally held up the guardian gate that sealed the emperor in the Eastern Caverns, after the gate fell it was turned into a Goon Doc by the emperor. Blakk's Goon is presumed cured offscreen by Doc, after his defeat in "Light as Day".


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