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​​Ghoul Slugs (aka Ghouls & Goons) were Slugs that have been corrupted by one of the various forms of "ghouling" using Dark Energy. Ghoul Slugs can be turned back into regular Slugs by healer Slugs or The Lightwell. Dr. Blakk uses a small machine that gases a Slug and then transforms it. Some Slugslingers prefer Ghouls over Slugs because they are more powerful than standard Slugs, even though Ghouls are hard to control and prone to running away once fired from a blaster.

While Ghouls are stronger than regular Slugs, it has been seen that a highly trained Slug can defeat them. This indicates that Ghouls are not automatically stronger than Slugs, as seen in "The Trade", where Blakk offers to give Eli his slug back in a stronger state. Overall, the strength of a Ghoul is dependent on the overall strength of the Slug's original power. A Ghoul can probably get stronger through training like normal Slugs, though this is unconfirmed.

A Ghoul usually has more powerful, damaging and longer lasting effects than their counterparts (Ex. Amperling, Nightgeist) while others have effects that are opposite to their original counterparts (Ex. Goon Doc, Vamparo) or gain additional abilities (Ex. Tempesto, Cryptogrif). Either way, a Ghoul is made to be more powerful and destructive than their original forms.

Ghouls are primarily feral and possess destructive tendencies. However, there are certain cases of a Ghoul behaves like regular Slugs, as shown with Loki. When Burpy was ghouled, he remained loyal to Eli, though exhibited a slightly twisted personality due to the dark water's corruption. Additionally, in a Slugisodes, an Ampeeling, Frost Fang and Tempesto acted as slug bullies towards Rookie.

When Ghouls are shot out of a blaster, they tend to run off and form wild packs but this does not seem to line up with the show where C.C. is seen calling his scattered Ghouls back by a whistling.  It is possible that the Ghouling process makes Slugs less likely to listen to their Slinger, requiring a stronger bond in order to control them. In Ghoul from Beyond however, Kord states that many ghouls escaped in the battle.

It has been seen that the creation of Ghouls can cause devastating effects on Slugs. One such case would be Burpy in the episode "Lightwell", whose power was quickly being drained by the dark energy of Ghouls making him very sick and unable to transform when shot out of a blaster, forcing him to visit the Lightwell.

As seen in "Back to Blakk" a large number of Ghouls can open a portal for the Darkbane, but only four can pass through. The first ghoul was long thought to be the Tempesto that sent Will Shane to The Deep Caverns, but it was actually a Greneater, as revealed in Back to Blakk and The Fall of the Eastern Champion.

List of Ghoul Slugs

There are 36 different kinds of Ghoul Slugs so far in the show:

  • Note: Some Ghouls are never seen in the show: (NS)
  1. Air Elemental ghoul
  2. Amperling
  3. Aquafreak
  4. Attacknet
  5. Barreto
  6. Doomspiker-(NS)
  7. Briardrill
  8. Bubbalash
  9. Cryptogrif
  10. Cryscada
  11. Dark Urchin
  12. Darkfurnus
  13. Disastiped
  14. Earth Elemental ghoul
  15. Fire Elemental ghoul
  16. Flatulo Rex
  17. Enigblind-(NS)
  18. Frostfang
  19. Goon Doc
  20. Gorgemelter-(NS)
  21. Geoshard ghoul
  22. Greneater
  23. Grimmstone
  24. Harmashelt
  25. Hop Jack
  26. Hoverblade
  27. Jollyfist
  28. Lavamander-(NS)
  29. Megabreaker
  30. Negablade
  31. Neurotox
  32. Nightgeist
  33. Photomo
  34. Pyringo-(NS)
  35. Quicksalvo
  36. Sand Mangler-(NS)
  37. Scariat-(NS)
  38. Sirench-(NS)
  39. Smugglet
  40. Spazzer-(NS)
  41. Tempesto
  42. Terrarix
  43. Thrasher
  44. Transplitter
  45. Vamparo
  46. Water Elemental ghoul-(NS)
  47. Vexlet-(NS)


  • All Ghoul Slugs are Dark Shadow elements.
  • When a Boon Doc unghouls a Goon Doc it cause severe sickness, instead of healing, and possibly even kill. However this may just apply to the Goon, since he was created with so much dark energy.
  • Ghouls tend to have longer arms than regular Slugs.
  • Ghouls all have sharper and longer teeth than their normal slug counterparts.
  • Ghouls were similar to Dark Spectrobes from Spectrobes and Dark Invizimals from Invizimals .
    • Dark Invisimals normally are like other Invisimal's requiring them to be corrupted, like Ghouls, except that the Dark Invisimals are already in a "Darker" form before being corrupted.
  • In The Fall of the Eastern Champion, Junjie introduces other word for "Ghouls" and calls them "Goons", which was probably why they called The Goon, The Goon.
  • Most megamorph ghouls lack the white markings regular Slugs have, instead having reddish markings akin to scars, as well as a slightly sharper look.
  • Trixie states in know your ghouls! that ghouls can smell fear


Ghoul Machines

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