Get Pronto is the fifty-second episode of Slugterra and the sixth episode of season three.


The Shane Gang decides to use Pronto as bait when they arrive at a cavern overrun by thieves. But their plan goes awry when Underlord Holt arrives and commands the thieves to work together to bring him Pronto - dead or alive!

Plot summary

In a cavern, many thieves are scaring people, robbing shops and kidnapping Slugs. Some people, including a little girl, Hoshi, try and resist them. The Shane Gang arrive and first duel with the many outlaws, at first managing to defeat them. However, Hoshi is spying them, believing that the Gang are more thieves. In a duel, Joo-Joo and Burpy are caught by a thief, but Hoshi manages to save them, and the two Infurnuses try and inform Hoshi about the Gang's aim.

The Gang make Pronto disguise as a woman, to avoid him being noticed, and enter a pub, to get information and duel with more enemies: Eli and Junjie plan to act calmly, not to catch anyone's attention, but suddenly Pronto teases a couple of outlaws, and a discussion breaks out, even thought Trixie tires to stop the Molenoid. In this, Pronto's hat falls of so that he is revealed as a Molenoid: Pronto immediately boasts, claiming that a Molenoid is the most rare and valuable existing creature, and this leads the two thieves to shoot each other, to fight over who gets Pronto.

Junjie and Eli at this point have an idea: if people in the cavern, who have never seen a Molenoid, believe that Pronto is so worthy, Pronto could become a bait to gather all the outlaws that are in that cavern in that moment. Eli thinks that they couldn't do that to Pronto, but agrees, thinking that the plan will work.

So, Pronto starts going through the Cavern caliming how worthy his species is, causing many citizens and scoundrels to believe him and reach the Shane Gang. Underlord Holt too comes, with the intent of killing Pronto, and therefore shoots a Ghouled Geoshard to hit Pronto's heart and crystallize it to death: Pronto and the Gang look scared, Holt shoots, and succeeds. While Kord, Eli, Junjie, Trixie are mourning their friend, the Molenoid stands up, revealing that he is not dead, because Molenoids' heart lies in their buttocks, not chest! The episode ends with a defeated, frustrated Holt, while the Shane Gang look amused at Pronto who is riding his Mecha, boastfully.





  • This is the first episode since Light as Day that isn't a movie.



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