Get Pronto is the fifty-second episode of Slugterra and the sixth episode of season three.


The Shane Gang decides to use Pronto as bait when they arrive at a cavern overrun by thieves. But their plan goes awry when Underlord Holt arrives and commands the thieves to work together to bring him Pronto - dead or alive!

Plot summary

Within the Industrial Caverns, Underlings of the Emperor and groups of thieves have begun a turf war, terrorizing townsfolk. Some people, including a little girl known as Hoshi, try and resist them, however are met with swift action to prevent them from succeeding. As the Shane Gang arrive, Hoshi and her Flopper, Dizzy, begin to spy on them, believing that the Gang are more thieves coming in to gain turf. During a duel between a group of bandits, Joo-Joo and Burpy are caught by a weaselly thief, but Hoshi manages to save them, introducing herself and Dizzy to the two.

The Gang decide to disguise Pronto as a woman once again to avoid unwanted attention. Eli and Junjie plan to keep Pronto laying low, however it backfires as Pronto tries to charm a couple of outlaws, and an argument breaks out, with Trixie unsuccessful in breaking up the argument. In the unfolding dilemma, Pronto's hat falls off, revealing him as a Molenoid. Pronto however uses this chance to boast his species rarity within the East, leading the two thieves to fight over who will get Pronto, knocking each other out.

Junjie, Kord Zane, Trixie and Eli scheme an idea after the scuffle, believing that if people in the cavern, who have never seen a Molenoid, believe that Pronto is as rare as he claims, Pronto could become bait to gather all the outlaws that are in that cavern. Eli believes that they couldn't do that to Pronto, but eventually agrees, thinking that the plan will work. Whilst Pronto walks through the streets, Hoshi slowly finds out from the duo of Infurnus' that the Shane Gang are actually here to help, and agrees to watch over Pronto with the two and Dizzy.

Pronto continues to go through the Cavern with his megaphone, luring more bandits to his location. Underlord Holt soon follows, haven been given control of the cavern by the Dai-Fu. He soons find out Pronto and the Shane Gang are in the Cavern, to which he orders Pronto to be brought to him dead or alive, preferably dead. After running from the bandits, Pronto finds himself with Holt who aims a ghouled Geoshard at Pronto. Luckily, Hoshi fires Burpy to intervene, and to knock down the other bandits, which causes Holt to order them after her. Hoshi is able to evade the bandits using Joo-Joo, however the gauntlet bandit tries to steal the slugs again. She is rescued by members of her cavern, who throw frying pans, crowbars and even a dumpster at the bandit.

Holt once again goes to kill Pronto, but is met by the Shane Gang, who are able to intimidate the bandits into fleeing. In a rage, Holt fires the Geoshard, hitting him in the stomach and supposedly killing him, however the Molenoid stands up, revealing that he is not dead, because Molenoids' heart lies in their buttocks. Burpy and Joo-Joo return to their owners with Hoshi, who declares the cavern will be fine now and that they can take care of the Bandits that now remain. The episode ends as Pronto proceeds to sing his theme as he rides off into the sunset.





  • This is the first episode since Light as Day that isn't apart of any movies.



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